Panorama Turkey

Photographer Orhan Durgut’s Panoramıc Study Gıves Us A Wıder Angle On Turkey.

The Panorama Turkey project is made up of panoramas of 81 provinces. During the one and a half years they spent shooting the photos, Orhan Durgut and his team covered 180,000 kilometers and clocked 70 hours of flight time. Following hundreds of exposures shot in each province, those that could stand as trademarks for the cities in question were selected and collected in the book, a valuable archive that brings together the historic, cultural and natural richness of all Turkey’s cities in high-quality, panoramic photographs.

Following her novel about the Ottoman women sultans, Nâr-ı Aşk (Pomegranate of Love), Mine Sultan Ünver is bringing readers a breathtaking tale of romance and heroism in Islamic Andalusia. The Two Points of the Crescent: In Ottoman Andalusia brings together a cast of characters in the 1470’s, a period when the Islamic state of Andalusia was on the wane. The novel revolves around the efforts of a Christian cleric who has lost his faith, an Andalusian imam, and a Janissary and religious scholar from the Ottoman State to save the books from burning and keep the civilization afloat, all set against the background of a love story.