Rising Star In The Arts: Kinshasa

The Capital Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo, Kinshasa Is Worth Seeing For Its Way Of Life And Recent Progress As Well As The Amazing Natural Beauty That Surrounds It.

For children who love animals
Discover Congo’s orphaned Bonobo monkeys, which are given away as pets for children. There are several Bonobo sanctuaries and zoos in the city.

Visit the Academy of Fine Arts for a close acquaintance with the art of the Congo and some special gifts for yourself.
 Check out the galleries at Kinsuka for art typical of Kinshasa, which is slowly making a name for itself on the African art scene.
 Lose yourself among the colorful traditional costumes, souvenirs, and fruits and vegetables in Kinshasa’s sprawling outdoor markets.
 Water sports enthusiasts may visit Lac de Ma Vallé, not far from Kinshasa in the middle of the rain forest.
 To discover the authentic riches of Africa, you absolutely must see the Pygmy villages and Okapi Wildlife Reserve.

Turkish Airlines has Istanbul-Kinshasa-Istanbul flights 5 days a week, except Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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