Saudi Arabia Cultural Days

Saudi Arabia Boasts An Impressive Array Of Splendid Cultural Treasures Far Beyond What Is Commonly Known.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is presenting a densely packed program, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Culture and Science Days, under the auspices of its cultural attaché office in Ankara.  The country’s rich cultural fabric and natural beauty will be promoted during the event.

Books, documentary films and the fine arts as well as topics such as education and development in the Kingdom will be highlighted at the event, slated to take place at Istanbul University, March 28 to 30. Among the topics to be taken up are Saudi universities and investment in science, scientific research, and the influence of Saudi literature on Turkish literature.

Panel discussions on alternative energy, economy and trade, Turkish investment in Saudi Arabia and the future of Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations as well as higher education and women will take place during Saudi Arabia Culture Days, March 28 - 30 at the Istanbul University Culture and Convention Center.