Let The Roses Bloom

An exhibition of living traditional arts on the theme of the rose brings together choice specimens of calligraphy, illumination and Turkish embroidery.

Living Traditional Arts is an exhibition based on the theme of the rose mounted by the Erenköy branch of the Society for the Dissemination of Knowledge, and it’s coming to art lovers at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Hünkar Kasrı Exhibition Hall, April 29 to May 13.  In its 25th year, the exhibition features calligraphy, illumination and Turkish embroidery  by outstanding contemporary artists. The exhibition brings ‘beautiful writing’, one of the finest examples of Islamic art, together with illumination in the form of books, the Holy Quran in particular, and manuscripts, firmans and tughras, all illuminated in gold and other colors. The Turkish embroidery in the exhibition takes as its model Ottoman palace embroidery, which comprises some of the most beautiful surviving examples of this art.


The rose signifies beauty in Islamic art. A symbol of the Prophet Mohammad, the rose is one of the basic motifs of the traditional handicrafts.