The Conjunction Of Three Continents

The XVII Mersin Mediterranean Games are taking place june 20 to 30.

Held with the participation of countries on the Mediterranean coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia, the Mediterranean Games were staged for the first time in the Egyptian city of Alexandria in 1951. The Games, which are taking place this year in Turkey for the second time, are one of the world’s most important sports events. With its history and natural beauty, and its upwards of fifty venues, not to mention its beloved Caretta caretta mascot, Mersin is ready for the games. Turkish Airlines will be transporting the thousands of athletes coming to the games  from abroad.  

Prior to Mersin, the Mediterranean Games were held in Izmir in 1971.

The XVII Mediterranean Games slated to take place in Mersin and Adana will be held at 52 different venues.

Eleven new sports venues have been built for use at the 17th Games.

The Games’ opening ceremony will be staged at the 25,000-seat Mersin Stadium on June 10.

Mediterranean Villages 1 and 2, which will house the athletes, have a capacity of 4,500.

With a total of 637, Turkey is the fourth country in terms of medals in the Mediterranean Games held between 1951 and 2009, following Italy with 1,967, France with 1,550, and Spain with 1,126.