Robin Sharma Wisdom In Istanbul

He set out to seek the best Ideas for a fabulous lIfe… RobIn Sharma found them and put them all In hIs new book. He answereS our questIons on the eve of hIs upcomIng vIsIt to Istanbul.

It’s been a long way from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari to The Leader Who Had No Title. How would you describe your new book?
“The Leader Who Had No Title” is, as you suggest, a very different book. It’s a book I wrote to deeply inspire people to stop playing the victim and start showing leadership and mastery in everything they do. It shares my step-by-step process to help anyone perform the way Picasso painted, use change as an opportunity to achieve excellent results and live a life that is nothing less than world-class. We all deserve that.

How has this process affected your life?
The insights and tactics I discovered from working with many of the world’s most successful people and organizations led to a transformation in my own life - from how I serve our business to how I am as a family man, I’ve learned to optimize my productivity in this age of so much distraction.

Is there anything you find inspiring in Istanbul or Turkey in general?
I love Istanbul and Turkey very much. It’s a wow of a land to me. I’ve had some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life in Istanbul - on the Bosphorus under a full moon or meeting new friends over a 3-hour-long meal or experiencing the extraordinary culture.

There’s a traditional rhetorical question in Turkish, “Who knows the most, a reader or a traveler?” Which one would you choose?
I’d choose the traveler who reads, actually. Reading a book collapses years of learning into 200 pages. Books have transformed my life, so I adore them. And yet, we also have to live the ideas we learn. And the absolute best way to do that is to travel. To meet the people. To savor the beauty. To walk the streets. To eat the food.

Are there any particular places that inspire you?
I love Rome for the architecture and history. Every corner is a museum of sorts. I love Paris for the beauty. The Seine, the buildings, the food and the style. I love Positano, Italy for the sunsets and New York City for the sophistication. And Istanbul for the way I feel every time I visit.

 How would you review your travel history in terms of its contributions to you and your career?
When we leave the safe confines of our usual life and get on a plane, we open up new possibilities. We breathe again. The child in us awakens. We catch glimpses of new ways to live. And we grow larger in terms of the way we view the world.

You’re familiar with most of high-class brands around the world. What do you think about Turkish Airlines as a leading airline?