In 10 Steps “New” Houston

With Its Oil Fields, Businessmen In Cowboy Hats And Scorching Summer Heat, Houston Burst Into The 21st Century As A Capital Of Culture. And The City’s Cultural And Artistic Diversity Continues To Burn Bright.

NASA SPACE MUSEUM: You too can be an astronaut at the Space Museum, where the National Aeronautics and Space Administration offers visitors a wide choice of activities and hands-on experiences. Be sure to visit the museum with your kids and examine the rockets, check out the simulations, see all the work stations and experience weightlessness just like a real astronaut!

Founded in 1900, Cullen Sculpture Garden is Texas’s first art museum and one of America’s biggest national museums. It dazzles the eye with Cullen Garden of Sculpture, historic mansions on its grounds and its extensive collection of Renaissance and Baroque art.

One of the city’s most popular venues, this is also one of the best conceived and most advanced children’s museums in the world with a vast range of activities. Your kids will love this museum, which provides education for children of every nationality in science, culture, geography and creativity, as well as offering activities and play areas.

You’ll find one of the most significant art collections in the U.S. in this modern art museum owned by the Menils, a prominent Houston family. Works of modern artists like Picasso, Ernst, Matisse, Magritte and many others can be seen in this collection, which also includes ethnic art and antiques.

As its name indicates, this museum invites ‘Art Car’ buffs to see for themselves how classic cars are transformed into works of art. A collection of ‘mad’ classics from priceless American cars encrusted with knives and forks to pink Cadillacs of every hue. And the Art Car festivals and exhibitions are a year-round tradition.

Once the home of Houston philanthropist Ima Hogg, Bayou Bend, on the grounds of the Fine Arts Museum, is home now to the city’s most valuable collection of American decorative arts. Built in the 1920’s, this historic mansion has 28 rooms, each reflecting the decor of a different period.


Houston’s Chinatown is little known. And yet it is home to the largest Asian population outside L.A. But Houston’s Chinatown boasts another superlative: America’s biggest Asian Shopping Center. Hong Kong City is a behemoth of a mall where you can find absolutely everything from Asia. Don’t miss this exotic experience

Once slated for demolition, the Project Row Houses were restored with the help of local firms and transformed into an artistic and cultural community. One of the finest examples of Houston’s changing face, these 22 restored free-standing homes and their residents are making a significant contribution to the stage arts.

One of the city’s most genteel districts, Houston Heights is a perfect picture of 19th and 20th century America. Its layout unchanged since the 19th century, Heights teems with former financial district, shops, cafes and antique dealers, all restored to their original appearance. And the historic Houston Heights Town Hall and Fire Station and fine old homes are the icing on the cake.

One of several parks in the heart of Houston, Discovery Green is an ideal place to take the kids for a day of fun activities. The park’s most prominent work of art is University of Texas Art Professor Margo Sawyer’s installation, Synchronicity of Color, with its cubes of different colors.