Around The World In 80 Years

Turkish Airlines decided to celebrate its 80th birthday with a documentary. Coordinated by Turkish Airlines' Corporate Communications Department, the documentary "80 Yılda Devr-i Alem" (Around the World in 80 Days) is being made by Birand Yapım under the direction of Umur Ali Birand, which has so far produced documentaries on many subjects in recent history-including Latife Uşaklıgil (Mustafa Kemal's wife at one time), the Özal years, and the coups of September 12 and March 12-in addition to corporate and biographical documentaries.

The Airline That Flies to the Most Countries
Celebrating its 80th year in the skies this year, Turkish Airlines holds the title of “Europe’s Most Admired Airline” and bears the distinction of being the airline that flies to the most countries in the world.

Turkish Airlines’ Story Is Turkey’s Story
Since 2012, Turkish Airlines carried 39 million passengers with its 16,000 employees and more than 200 aircraft. But how did this take place? How has Turkish Airlines, which was formed in the 10th year of the young Republic of Turkey as the State Airlines Administration and flew to just three destinations with its five aircraft and seating capacity of 28, make it to where it is now? How were the decisions made? Those who write Turkish Airlines’ success story are not aircraft, of course— they are the ones who flew those aircraft. The story of Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s flag carrier, is also Turkey’s story.

Behind the Camera
Nearly 70 people were interviewed for the documentary “80 Yılda Devr-i Alem.” Numerous pieces of information and documents that were previously unseen were recovered by scanning newspapers, footage, and private archives. Memories and anecdotes from witnesses of the period will be provided in the documentary, which is set to premiere in June. The documentary, which is being prepared by Birand Yapım, is being directed by Murat Kahraman. Its executive producer and screenwriter is Banu Acun and its visual director is Üzeyir Yanar. The documentary’s score is the work of Serhat Ersöz. 

AIR CANADA // Yves Dufrense, Vice President - Alliances, International Operations & Regulatory Affairs

I can only congratulate the entire Turkish Airlines company and Dr. Kotil in particular (their CEO). I would say a lot of airlines around the world envy them right now.

TAP PORTUGAL // José Guedes Dias, Vice President - Alliances & External Relations

I must say that Turkish Airlines is an example for all of us. Since they’ve been a member of Star Alliance in 2008 they have shown how to become a world recognized airline.

LUFTHANSA // Nils Ecke, Vice President Airline Group - Alliances and Cooperations AMB Member

There’s a weaker spot in Africa and the Middle East in the market. Turkish Airlines is filling the need of customers. They’re also filling another need of another transfer hub for Star Alliance.