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City Guide : Amman

Amman is a city which shelters the inheritance of many civilizations. It is well known that in Neolithic era (c.a. B.C. 6500) there was an artistic side of the civilization. In B.C. 13th century, Amman was being called as Rabbath-Ammon. The name was used by the further civilizations until it was renamed as Philadelphia by Ptolemy Philadelphus 2nd in Hellenistic era. Amman got its current name in Ghassanian era. Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is the city of contrasts with the mixture of new and old, also by being between the desert and fruitful Valley of Jordan. Quite modern buildings, hotels, posh restaurants, art galleries and boutiques, traditional cafés and small craft shops are in the heart of commerce of the city. The proofs from the past could be seen in everywhere. Almost half of the population of Jordan live in Amman because of the high life standards. Residential area, streets and boulevards are surrounded by posh looking generally white painted houses. According to municipality laws, every building must be covered with local stone bricks.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The tourism of Amman is generally around a colourful bazaar in which old Souk and King Huseyin Museum is situated. The bazaar region which is called Balad is surrounded by residential areas.  Despite all changes it still carries its old characteristics. The best place for the ones who are looking for the traces of old city is east side of the Amman Hill. 
    Citadel Hill houses both military and religious inheritances of decades. Its past reaches to The Old Rome and Byzantium era. Further architectures belong to Islamic era.  Citadel, at the same time, had hosted the Temple of Hercules which was built in Rome Emperor Marcus Aurelis period.
    Because of the Amman’s similarity with its 7 hills to Rome, it was very important for the soldiers and managers of Rome. The Roman Theatre with its capacity of 6000 audience is the biggest theatre in Jordan. It is considered as it was built by the Rome Emperor Antoninus Pius in between A.C. 138 and 161. Today it is still being used for sports and cultural activities.  
    Amman also hosts the most magnificent mosques of Middle East.  King Abdullah 1st Mosque, which was built between 1983 and 1989, is the biggest one. Abu Darweesh Mosque which was situated in Ashrafieh, the highest point of the city, considered as the strangest mosque. The mosque was covered black and white checkers pattern special to Jordan. The mosque which can be noticed even from long distance has not got black and white colours inside on the contrary. Instead there are Persian carpets on the light colour walls. 

    There are important places to see only 45 minutes far from Amman. It is believed that Jesus was baptised in the River of Jordan which is called “Al-Maghtas” in Arabic. Nebi Mountain is the place of death of Prophet Musa according to the Bible. Death Sea, also Lut Lake, which is the lowest point of the world in land, has shores so beautiful that can not be seen in anywhere in the world. Because of its pretty salty water it can carry the swimmers so easily.    

    Ceras , which is the most magnificent and well protected Roman city that can be seen in near east, is a place worth seeing historical place stays in the world between Amman and Akbaba.  In addition to the beaches, there is also a harbour for the ships sails to the Red Sea. The Rum Valley, which was used as set for the movies “Arab Lawrence” and “Red Planet”, has unique rock structures.

    Maybe it is not so close but if you are in Amman, you should consider going to Petra which is 260 kilometers away. A master piece, “Hidded City” that is accepted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World with its “Treasure” and “El Deir” carved onto rocks.  
  • Culture & Entertainment

    In the land, which hosted great sites in ancient time, also Rome and Middle East cultures have been lived. All these lively past are being reflected with a great magnificence in the museums of Amman. Jordan Archaeology Museum, situated in Citadel, has a great collection of items from prehistoric period to 15th century. In Jordan Handcrafts Museum, the traditions which are related with jewellery and hand made tools of local people are being reflected. It is also possible to see the mosaics of a Byzantine church Madaba. The Jordan University Museum accommodates a few little museums which exhibit the items related with medicine, public science, anthropology and archaeology from Bronze Age to Islamic period. If you would like to see the furniture, music instruments and handcrafts reflect the traditions before 19th century, you should make effort to get your way to the Jordan Folkloric Museum. 
  • Food & Drink

    Along with the restaurants which serve traditional Middle East dishes, you can also find fast food restaurants of the West. The prices differ depending on the different tastes and places.

    Arabian foods contain various basic groups. Meat dishes are mainly made of lamb or chicken. Rice and a type of naan bread are being served with all types of food. The most favourite dish among locals is specially marinated shwarma lamb meat wrapped in naan bread. Mansaf is a dish made of lamb and served with rice and is eaten on by hand. Falafel, humus and fuul are the other favourite dishes contain chickpea. The leading role in dessert belongs to Baklava.
  • Shopping

    Amman takes the attention by being more modern and cosmopolite comparing to other Middle East cities. The city had won its commercial importance from having the Hicaz Railway line of Ottoman Empire over Amman. This past converted Amman to a lively market place.

    The bazaar of the city has small businesses that sell items like fairly old and traditional jewelleries and daily house tools. You can come up with many jewellery and souvenir shops at every corner of Amman. 

    East of Amman, the buildings stand in a piece of the old city, is going to be repainted and restored in order to create a new place where the tourist can easily find on the map and wander around.  The new building, which is still on construction in Abdali, will make the Amman’s old bazaar important for investment. This new building will host only shopping centers and offices. This project, in which 1.5 trillion dollars are invested, is expected to be complete in 2010.
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Witness To History: Jordan

With a past stretching back to the beginnings of human history, Jordan occupies an unusual place. The country’s lands have born witness to the rise of all the celestial religions. The physical world exhibits a harmony of contrasts here in this geography characterized by sea and desert, mountain and valley, pristine nature and man’s impact on it.  A country without oil, Jordan is among the key destinations in world tourism for its cultural treasures. This is a fabulous land in which the traditional and the modern, the ancient and the contemporary thrive in every aspect of life.



The U.S. city of Philadelphia usually springs to mind at the mention of this name, which means brotherly love. But the original Philadelphia that inspired the name is none other than Jordan’s capital, Amman! A Roman theater, Temple of Hercules, and Acropolis are just some of the surviving remnants here of the magnificent monuments of Antiquity.

Evidence of a rich culture and the mutual tolerance it breeds are among the most salient qualities of the Jordanian people.  As you stroll around Amman you will feel the hospitality with a smile engendered by that tolerance everywhere you go.



When you tour the ancient city of Petra you will be making a journey into a very different world, a journey in a virtual time machine. The construction of Petra, a monument of the Nabataean civilization, dates to the 2nd century B.C. In appearance it resembles a hidden  city tucked away in a canyon. The outstanding aesthetic and architectural qualities of this city carved in the rock have a profound effect on visitors. Petra is within easy reach of the capital Amman, and October to March is the ideal time for a visit. There’s an advantage in touring Petra, which is spread over an extensive area, in the company of a guide. The Treasury Building and Monastery are two of Petra’s most impressive structures.



Jordan is also rich in Ottoman period monuments. It was an important segment of the Hejaz Railway Project, and attentive observers may spot the name of Sultan Abdulhamid II on rails in and around Maan Station in particular.



Another place where you will experience memorable moments in Jordan is the Dead Sea, whose salty waters prevent aquatic organisms like fish from living in them.  At the same time however the mineral content of the highly saline waters and lake sludge have a beneficial effect on various diseases. You don’t have to expend much effort when you swim in this sea, because the density of the water supports your body and keeps you afloat.  In other words, you can enjoy reading a magazine or sipping a fruit drink while you swim!



Wadi Rum with its captivating shades of red is one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes. There’s no end to the pleasure of gazing down on this vast desert from a high vantage point at sunrise and sunset.  As you follow up this inviting call to explore the Jordanian desert, you will encounter its people, namely, the Bedouins. With their hospitality, noble demeanor and way of life unchanged for centuries, they are a dignified people ready to welcome you in their traditional tents.



The ancient city of Petra was added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List on December 6, 1985. In 2007 the city was chosen as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.



Jordan is one of the world’s richest destinations for faith tourism. In addition to the Jordan River, the shrines of the Old Testament prophets Aaron and Joshua and of great Islamic scholars like Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah are some of Jordan’s key sites.






Ticket Sales Offices : Amman

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    Queen Alia Airport

    Address : Queen Alia Airport, Jordan, PO Box 39225, Amman
    Phone : +962 6 454 1132 / +962 6 445 1134
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