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Antalya flight ticket

City Guide : Antalya

Akdeniz Bölgesi'nde bulunan Antalya 630 km kıyı şeridiyle Türkiye'nin en önemli turizm merkezlerinden biridir. İki ova üzerine kurulu şehrin merkezi, Akdeniz sahili boyunca uzanan ova üzerinde bulunur. Diğer ova ise kentin kuzey bölümünü içine alır. Antalya deniz, güneş, doğa ve tarihin bütünleştiği bir şehirdir. Türkiye'nin turizm cenneti olan Antalya'nın her ilçesi başlı başına birer doğa harikasıdır.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Antalya as the tourism heaven of Turkey is the perfect combination of sea, sun, nature and history. Every district of the city is a wonderland. Manavgat, Kemer, Alanya, Side, Belek are the most visited ones among them. You should not come just for sea, sand and sun to Antalya. About 50 archaic cities located at Antalya present a histroy treasure. You should not make the mistake of leaving the city without travelling them.

    Olympos at Kumluca and Aspendos at the Serik district are the most known and visited archaic cities of Antalya. Also, Sllyon Archaic City is at Serik. Olympos being a world famous place had been the subject of mythology throughout the history. Including lots of historical artifacts, it is a natural miracle by its coast of 3200 m to the sea and its flora.

    As a consequence of the convenient natural structure of the city, 4 seasons are lived at the same time. While swimming in the sea, you are possible to ski at the Saklikent Skiing Center, 50 km away.

    In essence, there is everything related to sea, nature and history in the city.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Antalya, as the requirement of its cultural identity, hosts a plenty of important festivals. The most important one is Antalya Gold Orange Film Festival. This festival is crucial for the Turkish Cinema Sector. Also, Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival is another important festival targeting to serve culturally to the tourists visiting Antalya. Antalya Piano Festival, Beachpark Rock Festival, Alanya International Culture/Art Festival ve Antalya International Short Film/Video Festival are among the other significant ones.

    Theatre, opera, ballet, orchestra, art galleries, cinemas are important cultural doings in the social and cultural life of Antalya. In Antalya, entertainment life is more than as dynamic and versatile as a touristic city. Beach activities form the heart of entertainment at Antalya. Steppe, aerobic, beach football and beach valley are the main activities on the beaches. Music parties on the beaches are the ways to entertain people and to let them fly through the rhythms of music and dancing. Also modern hotels including all the entertainment facilities of any kind are vital for the entertainment life in Antalya.

  • Food & Drink

    Within the midlands of the city, every kind of vegetables and fruits are cultivated, mostly by people in their own gardens. However, because there is the Mediterranean climate in the sea shore, there is not such a facility in the sea coast segments of the city. Also, animal husbandry is well-developed. This enables the availability of meat foods. The main foods and desserts of the Antalya cuisine is as follows;

    Kolle (wheat, bean, pea and boiled horsebean), sac kavurma (meat roasted on metal sheet), tandoor kebab, hibes, patlicanli cive (aubergine), şakşuka, teratorlu balik (fish), tahinli piyaz (parsley)...  

    Aubergine/eggplant dessert, bergamut, sour orange jam, arap kadayif, tahinli kabak (zucchini), aubergine jam, bergamut jam, turunc jam, watermelon jam...   

  • Shopping

    There are countless shops and large stores, especially at the sea coast, to cover all the needs and requirements of domestic and foreign tourists.

    With its 80 large stores, Deep Outlet Center is the biggest shopping center of Mediterranean. It is on the way of Antalya-Alanya. It is situated on an area of 65.000 m2. The covered area of the center is 27.000 m2. Migros is another important shopping center for the city.

    Also, the authentic handicrafts and gift shops serve to the domestic and foreign visitors.
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Antalya’s 7 Wonders

 Whether at Kaleiçi inside the old castle or on the Lara shore, you will never tire of gazing at the palisades in Antalya, which attracts millions of visitors every year for its natural and historic beauty. Millions of tiny droplets are tossed up by the steep rocks and fall into the sea, delighting viewers and exuding a sense of coolness on even the hottest summer days.

This waterfall in the township of Manavgat cascades over two to ten meter high palisades. The sources that feed Manavgat Çayı, a small stream winding through the forest, burst from karstic underground caves as foam and mist to mingle with the river. Picnic grounds, a rustic coffeehouse and a restaurant form a green peninsula next to the falls.

One of Antalya’s most beautiful waterfalls, Kurşunlu is reached by turning left off the Antalya-Isparta highway at the 24th kilometer and following the signs. Approximately 18 meters high, it joins together a series of cataracts and small lakes. Located in a deep canyon, it was declared a national park and opened to visitors in 1986.

This cave is a natural treasure located near Alanya Castle, which was once a Seljuk dockyard. Interesting for its honey-hued stalactites and stalagmites, it has a constant temperature of 20-23 º C. summer and winter. Emitting a mix of chemical gases and negative ions, the cave is said to be good for asthma and rheumatism. After exploring its mysterious labyrinths, you can take a dip in the sea and sunbathe on Alanya’s famous beaches.

This waterfall 12 kilometers north of Antalya city center is named for the swallow holes (düden in Turkish) in the river bed. The waters, which disappear twice in underground channels after leaving their source, reemerge on the surface at Düdenbaşı to cascade down a steep, 20-meter-high wall of rock. And the pine forest where the falls are hidden is a refreshing park. Next door neighbor of Çıralı in Antalya province, Olimpos is a magnificent Mediterranean shore with a pebble beach and a sea like a sheet of glass. Stretching out along a strip of orange and clementine orchards, the beach is also the habitat of the Caretta caretta sea turtle. There are ruins of the Lycian civilization, too, at Olimpos, which is a key stop for blue cruise boats.

● Going rafting beneath the historic Roman bridges in Köprülü Canyon.
● Picking up some interesting eggplant, watermelon and tomato jams in Antalya city center.
● Going scuba diving at Kaş and seeing the colorful underwater life.
● Making a jeep safari in the Kalkan highlands and visiting the tents of the Yörük nomads.
● Touring the Lycian capital Xanthos, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

This cave in Termessos National Park is near the village of Yağca in Korkuteli province. It consists of three inter-connected main galleries with a narrow entrance on the slopes of Mt. Güllük overlooking the Mediterranean. Other smaller galleries with stalactites and stalagmites follow at greater depths. Said to be a million years old, the cave is thought to have been used by humans from the Paleolithic up to the Iron Age.

Ticket Sales Offices : Antalya

Address Antalya Airport
Phone (242) 320 63 63 Passenger Services
Internal: 30727/30733
(242) 320 63 63 Domestic Sales
Internal: 30729/30730/30731
Work Hours  
Phone 242-320 63 63 - 30750
Fax 242-330 32 20
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Weekdays 08:30-17:30

Phone 242-320 63 63 - 30754
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Kargo Handling
Phone 0-242-320 63 63 -30757
Fax 0-242-330 32 20
Work Hours


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    Antalya Airport

    Address : Fraport IC İçtaş Antalya Airport Terminal Investment and Management Inc. Antalya Havalimanı 1. Dış Hatlar Terminali 07230 Antalya - TÜRKİYE
    Phone : +90 (242) 444 7 423
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