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Dnepropetrovsk plane ticket

City Guide : Dnepropetrovsk

The third largest city of Ukraine following Kiev and Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk is an energetic city next to the Dnieper River, decorated with green parks. The city, which has a large and wealthy population due to the city’s success in the iron and steel industry, has a large young population with its 11 faculties. The city was founded by Prince H. Potyonkin by the name of the Empress Catherine the 2nd in 1776. The initial name of the city was Yekaterinoslav. It was changed to Novorosyisk and finally Dnipropetrovsk which has remained unchanged.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The largest street of the historical city of Dnipropetrovsk is the Karl Marx Boulevard. The Sobornaya Square, where Catherine the Great ordered the city to be built, and Preobrajenskiy Sobot, the first building of the city, are among important places.

    Among the greatest delights for the people of the city and visitors, is watching the view of the Monastyrsky Island, on the Dnieper River, from the Shevchenko Park, the oldest and largest park of Ukraine. You can also see the other side of the city from the Slavy Monument which you can find following the Lenin waterside road. Boat rides are organized on the river as well. 

    If you can find some time, you can visit the Ukranian village Gnezdo Glurya. In this typical Ukrainian village, you can go fishing, horseback riding, have a barbecue, or  go sailing on a yacht.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    There are a lot of museums, opera and ballet houses, movie theatres, saunas, and spas in Dnipropetrovsk. Life in the city is, suffice to say, very active. For example the Labyrinth Club, which is one of the largest night clubs in Ukraine, offers three different music styles in the same place. Many others are open all night as well.

    In the day, aside from museum tours, you can go walking by the riverside. The Bartholomeo Entertainment Complex contains many activities. In the facility, a sauna, massage salon, restaurant, marina and swimming pool are present. 
  • Food & Drink

    The Ukrainian general eating mentality comprises of three main aspects. “Pervoye” meaning the first part, generally contains appetizers such as soup or salad. The ”Bortsch” soup is the star of this section. For “Ftoroye” meaning the second part meat, chicken, or fish aith potatoes are eaten. “Tretye” meaning the third, contains compote or dessert. 

    Due to the climate of the region, vegetables that can endure cold weather such as cabbage, potatoes, and turnips are abundantly consumed. Also smoked fish, chicken and meat are often eaten.

    Chicken, meat and fish patties are known as “katlety.”. Patties made with chicken, which are known as “kievsky” throughout the world, are quite delicious. Fish is usually kept dried or marinated. Freshwater fish are more common. Carp, sheatfish, sturgeon, and crane are the kinds of freshwater fish that are consumed the most. As for sea fish, there are a large red mullet called “barabulga”, mackerel, and turbot. Black and red caviar are highly popular.

    Dairy has an important place in traditional eating habits. The special cream called “Smetana” which can be added to any dish or dessert, is very much liked. Kashkaval cheese, curd cheese, yogurt and kefir are consumed very widely. Long winters made varieties of jams and pickles common.

    Among pastries, “pelmeni” which is very similar to ravioli, is quite famous. “Vareniki” which can be described as ravioli with cherries and curd cheese, is also very popular. Whole grain bread is very common in the country. They taste good, too.
  • Shopping

    The Karl Marx Boulevard stands out as one of the important shopping areas of the city. The largest shopping mall is the Central Department Store (TSUM). You can find the best souvenirs there.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Dnepropetrovsk

Dnepropetrovsk Sales Office
Phone 00 380 56 377 47 30
Call center: 0800 501 207 (Çağrı merkezi)
Fax 00 380 56 377 47 42
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-17.00

Dnepropetrovsk Airport Office
Address 42 Airport Dnepropetrovsk 49042 UKRAINE
Phone 00 380 562 39 55 56-57
Call center: 0800 501 207 (Çağrı merkezi)
Fax 00 380 562 39 55 56
Work Hours

Flight Days: 13.00-16.00

Address FF Cargo Services Ukraine LTD. Ukraine 08307 Boryspıl Airport, Cargo Termianal Office 74
Phone 00 380 44 591 7894 / 00 380 50 351 3068
00 380 50 440 4058 / 00 380 50 440 4056
E-Mail dnkcargo@thy.com
Work Hours  
  • Dnepropetrovsk : Airport Information

    Dnepropetrovsk Airport

    Address : Dnepropetrovsk Airport, Aeroport 42, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
    Phone : +38 (0562) 3995556
  • Dnepropetrovsk : Airport Map Information

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Area : 380 km²
Population : 1.039.000
Monetary Unit : Hryvnia
Phone Code : + 380 56
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