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Jakarta plane ticket

City Guide : Jakarta

Jakarta, a city with a very dynamic outlook, is also the capital of Indonesia – a country made up of 17 thousand islands and a population of 230 million. Within this diverse island country- in terms of religion, language/dialect, and ethnicity-Jakarta stands out as an intersection of all those aspects.

The city is the busiest cultural spot of interest in Indonesia as it has numerous museums, galleries, monuments, and theme parks.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Downtown Jakarta can be thought of as the place where the national monument is located. Other administrative buildings, including the Presidential Palace, are also located here. The shopping mall called Manga Dua and the traffic intersection called Bundaran HI are located at the center of this area. A high-class residential area by the name of “Menteng” can also be considered within the boundaries of downtown Jakarta.

    West Jakarta, also known as the central point of Old Jakarta, appears to be like a Chinatown. This area is interesting not only for its abundance of  museums, commercial areas, and shopping malls, but also for its dynamic nightlife.

    South Jakarta, known by the forename Selatan, is the center of luxury shopping, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. The most famous spot in East Jakarta, also known as Timur, is Taman Mini. You can see numerous pieces of art by Utan Kayu, an art community, and the Cibubur Camping Area within this region. The term Jakarta Utara is used to describe the north region made up of thousands of islands. Bayfront City and Kelapa Gading shopping mall are spots that stand out in the north region.

    Jakarta can be extremely puzzling, especially while trying to find buildings and different addresses on its relatively narrow streets. The reason for this is that entirely same or similar names are often used for different streets and avenues. Pay attention to this subject. It is wise to get help from the motorcycle cabs/taxis, also known as “ojek”, in these difficult situations.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    Jakarta is a city which offers unique experiences to its visitors. It is quite easy to find something to do or discover in almost every direction you take. All activities are planned out carefully and in detail for young people and other age groups. A short tour of the city is enough to see the history and traditions that the city carries.

    Although Sunda Kelapa Port, Maritime Museum, and other museums located in Fatahillah Park seem to be the best places to start your tour of the city, other places to see in Old Jakarta-situated on a relatively smaller area, are as numerous and significant .

    If you are traveling with children, “Ancol Dreamland” –the largest entertainment facility of Southeast Asia, is definitely among places to visit. The famous Taman Mini Indonesia and Bogor Botanical Gardens, of course, are other places to visit; making your tour of Jakarta even more interesting. 

    The translation of the name of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, located in the Pondok Gede region of East Jakarta, is “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park.” The activities, structures, and exhibits on display show the cultural diversity of the people of Indonesia. Also, the natural abundance of Indonesia is displayed in various parks. Various sections such as the Orchid Garden, Jasmine Park, and Freshwater Aquarium Museum display the fascinating beauty of Indonesia’s plant and animal wealth as spots of abundance.

    Taman Mini sits on an area of 400 decares, approximately 100 acres, including natural, historical, and cultural museums, and science and technology centers. Also, Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum- located next to the exit gates of Taman Mini- in which more than 11 thousand pieces of furniture, handcrafts, and similar items are displayed; is a must-see. All of the pieces on display were collected during the 32 year-long presidency of Soeharto.

    The snail shaped movie theatre called Keong Mas Imax, in which educational 3D movies are shown in addition to examples of contemporary cinema, can be a fun spot for especially children. The wind-powered trains, which are used for transportation in the 24 hour-open park, are also very interesting.

  • Food & Drink

    Hundreds of great locations for dining are located all around the city. There are great restaurants not only in Indonesian cuisine, but also others such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. International cuisines are not neglected as the cosmopolitan population of the city makes it a necessity. The Jakarta Food Index, published last in 2002, is very informative; concentrating on its rich cuisine with a lot of vegetables and spices which are unique to the area. “Betawi” is the term used to describe familiar dishes that are prepared in a way unique to the area or the area’s traditional dishes.

    The city is very rich in terms of street foods with numerous options to grab something unique to eat in nearly every area.

  • Shopping

    Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place, Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Mall of Indonesia, and Senayan City can be listed within shopping malls which are mostly located in downtown. Bayfront City and Kelapa Gading Shopping Mall are those that stand out in the north. For antique lovers, with numerous stores, Jalan Surabaya is the place to go which is located in downtown Jakarta. Pasaraya Grande and Pasar Seni located in Ancol are other places to go for antiques and art pieces; located in Block M in South Jakarta.

Route Map: Houston – Jakarta Flight

Jakarta: Always Hot

If you’ve checked out the Jakarta weather forecast before leaving and have put summer clothes on, don’t let the clouds you see as the plane descends to land worry you because it really is very hot. In fact, Jakarta is like a sauna in the open air. You’ll encounter classic Indonesian architecture the minute you leave the airport. When you exit the charming one-story terminal building, a wave of hot air will lick your face despite the clouds. And if you think you’ve escaped the Istanbul traffic, I’ve got news for you! Jakarta is no different.

Indonesia is extremely rich in sights to see, and Istiqlal Mosque, Asia’s largest, heads the list. But don’t expect the usual mosque architecture. As you look around for the mosque, you’ll spot a small dome atop high, white concrete pillars and a minaret some distance away. When you enter this three-story mosque, there are marble columns and a marble floor like the Mosque of the Prophets in Medina, and lines on the floor to indicate the qibla (direction of Mecca).

A monument soaring into the sky will catch your eye on the large square opposite the mosque. Built to commemorate freedom from Dutch colonization, the National Monument stands 132 meters tall. It opened in 1975 and has been flooded with tourists and locals ever since. The park where it is located literally turns into a fairgrounds, especially at night. When you go up the elevator to the viewing terrace, a 360° panorama of Jakarta will spread out before you in all its glory.

You’ll notice a graceful mosque on your way to Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park east of Jakarta. Agung At-Tin Mosque stands out for its aesthetic structure and distinctively Indonesian architecture.To be perfectly frank, no one who enters Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park expects it to be this big, but the fact is that every province, architectural monument and cultural treasure of Indonesia is represented here.

Walking around this humongous 250-hectare park, which includes a small zoo, the Indonesia Historical Museum and a Water Recreational Center, is no piece of cake, so we strongly recommend you take the teleferique. It’s impossible not to be impressed by the stone and wood workmanship on the monuments here, whose elegance and refinement are a literal embodiment of the graciousness of the Indonesian people. One of the museum’s main attractions are the shadow puppet characters similar to Turkey’s Karageuz and Hadjivat.

Sea World at Ancol welcomes those seeking relief from the sweltering heat. You can see thousands of species of marine life from sharks to octopuses at the park. And the souvenir shop is sure to grab the attention of the kids on the way out.

Ragunan Zoo at Pasar Minggu is an Indonesian must-see for the diversity of its fauna. Spread over an area of 140 hectares, it boasts upwards of 270 animal species and 171 plant species, and more than three thousand animals in total. Key among them are, the Komodo Dragon, which is only found in this region, and the Sumatran Tiger with its piercing blue eyes. Just standing next to the tiger’s cage is a daunting experience.
Indonesia, an exotic land in Southeast Asia where you will open the door to an inviting world of splendid natural and cultural treasures.

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Ticket Sales Offices : Jakarta

THY Office
Address Prudential Tower, 19th floor Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.79 Jakarta 12910, Indonesia
Phone +62 21 5795 7666
Fax +62 21 5795 7667
Work Hours

Office work time: 08:30-17:30
Check-in time: 16:10 – 18:50 (All times are in LMT.)

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Address Terminal 2-D 2nd Floor DOD 17-18Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta - Indonesia
Phone +(62) 21 55 91 64 31
Fax +(62) 21 55 91 64 30
Work Hours

Office work time: 15:00-23:00
Check-in time: 16:45 – 19:35 (All times are in LMT.)

Cargo Office
Address Wisma Soewarna Office Level 1 Suite J Soewarna Business Park Soekarno Hatta International Airport Jakarta 19110 INDONESIA
Phone +62 21 5591 2886/87/89
E-Mail cgkcargo@thy.com
Work Hours

Office work time: 08:30-17:30 (All times are in LMT.)

  • Jakarta : Airport Information

    Soekarno Hatta Intl. Airport

    Address : Soekamo-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta
    Phone : 00 62 21 5501764
  • Jakarta : Airport Map Information

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