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fligts to Lisbon

City Guide : Lisbon

Settled in the west of the country, Lisbon is the capital and the most populous city of Portugal. Standing as the westernmost city in Europe, on the European Atlantic Ocean coast, the capital is located at the spot where Tagus River pours in the Atlantic Ocean. The Greater Lisbon subregion is one of the fundamental financial and economic hubs in the Iberian Peninsula and is the seat of the President of Portugal. Lisbon is the wealthiest cit of the country. Covering a substantial portion of the Portugal's GDP, the city harbors the headquarters of many international firms operating in the country. The agencies of the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) are placed at Lisbon

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  • Tourist Attractions

    In addition to the Art Nouveau buildings, the architectural structures with azulejos (tile) facades, the streets decorated with mosaics, Lisbon is a city of ocean and nature. Along with the historical neighborhoods of the city housing a great deal of monuments and the existence of more than 50 museums, the narrow streets of the city crooking alongside the riverfront hills provide stunning picture of the city.

    Alfama, Castelo and Mouraria (adjacent to each other), Bairro Alto (the part of the centrum; the center for night life), Bica (renown with the Ascendor da Bica funicular), Chiado (the place for chic shopping), Baixa (the hearth of the city) and Belém (alongside Tagus River; the neighborhood of monuments) are the historical districts of the city.

    Jerónimos Monastery (Belém) made of white stones is the one of the most popular historical landmarks of Lisbon. The Monastery is home to the tombs of three profession of letters of Portugal (Luís Vaz de Camões, Alexandre Herculano and Fernando Pessoa) and Vasco da Gama (the seafarer).

    Tower of Belém built in the beginning of 16th century for defending the Tagus Estuary is one of the significant landmarks of the city.

    At the bank of Tagus, Belém Palace located at Belém is one of the splendid historical palaces at the city. The surrounding gardens and the stately rooms containing furnitures, jewelry and paintings allure the person.

    A great deal of contemporary and old museums are placed at the city. To mention one, Casa-Museu da Fundação Medeiros de Almeida (Casa-Museum of the Foundation Medeiros and Almeida) has a rich European collection. Sacred art, glassware, tapestries, watches, silver items and china items, jewelry, furniture and paintings are found at this cultural and historical brilliant.

    Also, the city is renowned with its Elevador da Glória, Elevador da Bica and Elevador da Lavra funiculars. You should have a journey by these historical funiculars for a complete and perfect visit to the city.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Standing as a music genre in Portugal, Fado is the soul of Lisbon and its culture. Consisting of mournful tune and lyrics accompanied by guitar, the music is about saudade (a Portuguese word used for the feeling of longing deeply for something that is found of and is waited to return). Fado is the main element of the popular culture at the city. It tells the story of the sea. Sadness, happiness, pain and contentment feelings are felt at the same time via this ancient but not antiquated music. It is singular. In the Fado houses, all the ambitious ones can sound it.

    The city harbors many theaters. Lisbon theaters are the fundamental centers for performing arts and the nightlife at the city. Although some English language performances are produced most of the performances are in Portuguese. Teatro Nacional de São Carlos near the Chidao district is the Lisbon's opera house. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian) is home to Gulbenkian Orchestra and Choir. It is one of the major concert halls. Placed at Belém, Belém Cultural Center (Centro Cultural de Belém) is the largest center for cultural events. Ballet, opera, concerts, congresses and more are held at this splendid building.

    Festas dos Santos Populares (June), Festival dos Oceanos (August), Festival das Músicas e dos Portos (Februaryl), Super Bock Super Rock festival (March) and many other cultural activities are the popular events for staging parades, dancing, music, fireworks, parties and more.

    Many sport events are held in Lisbon throughout the year. Swimming, golf, bowling and skateboarding are among the main sport activities to be performed at the city.

    Lisbon is worldwide renowned with its nightlife. The city's nightlife is thought to be one of the bests in Europe. The historical Bairro Alto neighborhood is the hearth of Lisbon's nightlife. In addition to Fado houses, bars, clubs, discos and other night venues offer a great range of entertainment till the early morning.
  • Food & Drink

    Lisbon has restaurants for every delight. The Portuguese cuisine is cheap, quality and tasty. The world cuisine is on your table. The city is a fish dishes paradise. Sardinhas assadas (charcoal-grilled sardines) and pastéis de bacalhau (cod fishcakes) are among the most popular local palates.

    Baixa (the city center) is the best place for terrace and traditional cafes. Bairro Alto is the most popular district with its traditional restaurants. Also, the city streets teem with cafes peculiar to the city.

    Portugal is the state of high quality wine. Wine is the most significant element of the culinary culture of Lisbon.
  • Shopping

    In addition to the huge shopping malls, many local shoppes and specialty boutiques offer a great range shopping alternatives in the city. Baskets made of wicker, pottery, ceramics, embroidery and lace are among the main traditional handicrafts in Lisbon.

    Baixa is a vibrant part of the city. It is full of small shoppes of a great range. Chaido neighborhood is the center for elegant shoppes. The fashionable shopping places brim over in the district. Bairro Alto is the place for traditional shopping centers.

    Colombo Shopping Mall being the biggest mall in the Iberian Peninsula and Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall (Comercial Vasco da Gama) are among the main malls in Lisbon.

    Thieves' Market (Feira da Ladra) in Campo de Santa Clara is the most known market in Lisbon. It is the place for all kinds of bric a bracs.
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Long-Weekend In Lisbon

9 a.m.

After arriving in Lisbon, the best way to get to know the city is a pleasurable morning stroll. We board the tram and visit the quarter of Belem, famous for its luxuriant green parks on the ocean shore. Reminiscent of a miniature castle, Belem Tower was built in the 14th century. The flea market set up at Alfama on Saturday mornings is a must-see even if you aren’t going to buy anything.

12 noon
When noon approaches, you can settle back into a leather armchair at one of the many historic cafes in the city center and try one of Lisbon’s famous cinnamon tarts with cream (pasteis da nata). When you’ve recouped your energy, you can follow one of the city’s loveliest walking routes. As you proceed southwards from the old city center at Baixa, you will reach the square named for Luis de Camoes, one of the most important figures in Portuguese literature. 

6 p.m.

Carmo Convent to the north is one of the city’s most prominent structures. From here you can continue to the shopping district around the neo-classical Arch of Triumph and from there to Comercio Square at the harbor. The castle just beyond Sé de Lisboa (Lisbon Cathedral) on the hill is the Castle de Sao George. Built in the 16th century, this magnificent fortress was home to the Portuguese dynasties.

9 p.m.
And it’s only just begun to get dark… This time we are in the district of Bairro Alto, the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife, with its plentiful offerings of places to hear traditional Portuguese ‘fado’ music. The coastal districts of Santos and Docas where the city’s most famous nightclubs are located are a sight to behold after midnight.

9 a.m.

It’s a good idea to start the next day with a splendid landscape. And the panoramic view on the south side of Lisbon Cathedral is eye dazzling: the giant earth fissures along the wide Tagus River and the Bridge of 25 April that spans it.

12 noon
Almost every hill in Lisbon promises an enjoyable view. At Baixa you can take the Santa Justa Elevator, designed by Gustave Eiffel, to the city’s highest point. The  Park of Edward VII that descends in the direction of Baixa is spread over such a broad area that it never appears to be crowded. Laid out on a sloping terrain, this park also offers a perfect view of the city.

6 p.m.
We are ready now for a nostalgic tram tour through Lisbon’s narrow, cobbled streets. Our starting point is the city’s largest square, known as the Praca do Comercio. A journey from Prazeres to the west of Bairro Alto to Martin Moniz north of Baixa promises an unforgettable experience even though it lasts less than an hour.

9 p.m.
On a ferryboat that runs the length of the Tagus, we branch out now to Santuario de Cristo Rei for a souvenir photo of Lisbon. The observation point, which boasts a statue of Christ similar to the iconic one at Rio de Janeiro, is ideal for viewing the Lisbon skies and the opposite banks of the river.

Ticket Sales Offices : Lisbon

Lisbon Head Office
Address Av. da Republica, Nº 90 , Piso (Floor):1 , Fracção (Apartment):6, 1600-206 Lisbon
Phone +351 213163120
Fax +351 213163129
Work Hours

Weekdays: 09:00 – 13:00 / 14:30 - 17:30(Groups Department, Accounting and Administration)
Saturday, Sunday and Official Holidays: Closed

TK Lisbon Airport
Address Aeroporto de Lisboa, Terminal 1, Nível 4, Balcão 4315, 1700-111 Lisbon
Phone +351 218413510
Fax +351 218445234
Work Hours

Daily: 09:00 - 17:30(Bookings, Modifications, Cancellations and Baggage issues)
CALL CENTER 24 HOURS (Turkey): +90 2124440849 / +90 8503330849

TK Cargo
Address GSA - Gestão de Serviços Aéreos, SA
Phone +351 218475749
Fax +351 218475014
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00 – 13:00 / 14:30 - 17:30

Saturday, Sunday and Official Holidays: Closed

Address GSA Portugal, SA ,Aeroporto de Lisboa ,Terminal de Carga, Piso 1, Sala 1218,1750-364 Lisboa,Portugal
Phone +351 21 847 57 49
Work Hours  
  • Lisbon : Airport Information

    Lisbon Airport

    Address : Lisbon Portela Airport, Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-007 Lisbon, Portugal
    Phone : +351 218 413 500
  • Lisbon : Airport Map Information

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