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City Guide : Minsk

Minsk,the capital of Republic of Belarus, is a historical and cosmopolitan city which was settled in 1067. Except for Belarusians, Russians,Ukranians,Polish and a minority of Jewish live in here. In Minsk, which is settled in a very flat area, it is almost impossible to see a short slope or a small hill. In this quite cold city, the temperature can be down to -10degrees in winter and in summer, the heat can be up to 25 degrees. The Nazi invasion between 1941-44 has a remarkable place in the history of Minsk. It was reconstructed after he left. The city is in such an order that it is so hard to believe that two million people live there. It is known as one of the most organized residental areas.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Touristic places of Minsk are mostly related to the agony and triumphs of wars. You can feel the emotions that the war created when you go to The Great Monument ,which is 38 meter in length and was built in the memory of the soldiers who past away in World War II .
    At Victory Square, apart from The Great Monument, there are also tanks having been used in the same war.  It is possible to travel one of the 620 villages that Nazi Soldiers burned completely in the region.

    The oldest church of the city – St.Peter & Paul – was built in 1613 and restored in 1871. You should also drop by The Red Church, The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit , Krasny Roman Catholic Church ,  Troitskoye and Parliament Building.

    The city is farily green, you may see parks almost everywhere. In Minsk, which is also wealthy in terms of water  , there are more than 50 fountains, ponds, springs and pools.  Even they include the ones that are 130 years old. Another beauty of the city is the walking areas in every quarter , every neighbourhood.

    In Ozertso Open-air Museum, which is 18km distant from the city, you have the opportunity of touching well-preserved, authentic architectural edifices and old buildings.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Minsk, which is a culture city , is known also with its museums, galleries , statues and Gorki  Park. One of the branches of Famous Bolshoy is here , too. The city has 16 museums, 11 theatres , 20 cinemas , 139 libraries. The Republic of Belarus National Academic Grand Opera and Theatre , Belarus Musical Comedy Theatre, Maksim Gorki National Theatre and Yanka Kupala National Theatre perform visual arts.

    You can walk along the streets safely in the late hours of the night in Minsk. Neither in the capital, nor in the other cities , any robbery , violation or hijacking is on record. It is important for you to know - like Belarus folk should know - that there are more civil officers than uniformed policemen in the city  .

    Minsk is famous for its nightlife. All discos and nightclubs are full every night. You can have non-stop fancy  till 6 o’clock in the morning. Discos playing every kind of music and bars which are suitable for people in any age are in the majority.

    Parks , churches and synagogues are quite crowded at weekends , if the weather is also nice. Getting married in open-air is often preffered by the people of Minsk.  You can see a lot of  brides and grooms when you look around in an ordinary Sunday ! Family meetings and  religious ceremonies occur in open-air in the same way. 
  • Food & Drink

    Cuisine of neighbour Russia continues traditionally in Belarus. The main element of the meals is mostly meat ; besides this, lasting vegetables and pulse are consumed frequently. Potatoes and mushrooms have a different part in Belarusian cuisine. Dense and ample-ingrident soups are , beyond being apetizers , satisfying enough to make someone feel full. The restaurants servicing foods & drinks belonging to other countries’ cuisines are usually quite crowded. You might not get a chance to eat in these places unless you make a reservation.
  • Shopping

    Minsk is not very successful about local products. They only have a word to say on woollen and cotton clothes and on women’s underwear. As the prices of world-wide famous brands are more expensive ( about %20-50) when compared to stores in other European citites , it is not so profitable to prefer these shopping centres.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Minsk

THY Sales Office - Minsk
Phone Reservation and Sales:
Havaalanı: 00 375 17 2791883
Fax City Office: 00-375-17-321-21-26
Airport Office: 00 375 17 2792810
E-Mail infominsk@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-18.00

Saturday 10:00 - 13:00

Sunday Closed

Address P.O. Box 22, BY-220125 Minsk, Republıc Of Belarus
Phone 375-17-218-1995
Fax 375 17 268 42 08
E-Mail msqcargo@thy.com
Work Hours  
  • Minsk : Airport Information

    Minsk Airport

    Address : National Airport Minsk
    Phone : +375 17 2791300
  • Minsk : Airport Map Information

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Minsk Info
  • Sun 26°C
  • Mon 24°C
  • Tue 25°C
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All for the Year Monthly Averages
Area : 305.470 km²
Population : 1.780.000
Monetary Unit : Belarusian ruble
Phone Code : +375 17
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