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City Guide : Nairobi

Nairobi, the commercial center of East Africa, is also the largest city and the heart of industry and politics in Kenya. Additionally; it is the youngest, most modern, and most quickly developing center in the region.

Important UN (United Nations) institutions and numerous public institutions are located in the city. Nairobi is a great starting point to see the lively, energetic, and true face of Africa. The city is also a great place for people seeking travel and adventure, as it is also famous for being the safari capital of the world. Masai Mara, formed at the border of Tanzania and Kenya-Nairobi, is a very important natural park being one of the most popular safari sites of the world.

The capital city of Kenya is also the right place to see the mesmerizing blend of various cultures.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    A national park, close to downtown, awaits visitors who would like to get away from city life. It is quite an impressing experience to see the animals of Africa at such a close proximity right after skyscrapers. 

    Although the downtown area is quite small and crowded, there are suburbs which enlarge the city to a great extent. Downtown Nairobi comprises of the triangular area which is made up of  the shopping locations, offices, and institutions at the intersection of Kenyatta Avenue and Moi Avenue. The commercial and political heart of the cty is located around the southwestern part of the city square. Government buildings are located here together with a combination of hotels, markets, stores, and banks.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    Memorial Park, located in the southern section, stands as a memoriam to more than 200 Kenyans who lost their lives in the United States of America Embassy and Cooperative Bank building bonbing in 1998.

    A densely populated area which is shaped by stores, markets, and hotels including Norfolk Hotel is located north of Kenyatta Avenue. The eastern side of Moi Avenue is the poorest part of the city. This area which centers around River Road is the cheapest place in terms of shopping locations, restaurants, and lodging options.

    The National Museum continues to be the place where the country is introduced most comprehensively and in the best way; although it is undergoing renovation at the present. Here, you can see the Kenyan bird and wildlife species altogether in collections. Also, the geological information and information on the Rift Valley provided here may be very interesting to visitors. It is also the best place to attend  the historical exhibits which are organized to provide  information on the Swahili people and their culture.

    National Archives: Visitors to this little museum and art gallery located in the Bank of India building in downtown Nairobi can see series of  tribal pictures and photographs from all around Africa. A significant collection including tribal weapons, tools, masks, and other artifacts are among other things to see here. The archives is a must-visit in order to learn about the captivating phases and the struggle for independence within the history of Nairobi.

    Railway Museum: This special museum stores and displays all the photographs taken during the construction of “Lunatic Express” which operates on the Mombasa-Kampala railroad route and other memorabilia. An English columnist came up with the name as he thought that the amount of money and investment put into this project was lunatic. Naturally, the weak wooden bridges which collapsed, enemy tribes, a pair of lions with a habit of eating people, and hundreds of people who died of contagious diseases during construction were added to the meaning of this name, lunatic, later.

    Jamia Mosque: This big and striking mosque, attractive with its large central dome, is one of the most stunning buildings of the city. This mosque, in which non-Muslims can also enter with special permission, is mesmerizing with its adorned green and white colors and its strong and simple contrast.

    AFEW (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife) Giraffe Center; This giraffe center, located 18 kilometers away from downtown Nairobi, is supported by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. It aims to increase the population of  the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. This center, ideal for children, provides one with the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures at a close proximity with high watch towers. 

  • Food & Drink

    Carnivore Restaurant, located just outside of the city, is seen as a vital part of a visit to Nairobi. It is known as the most famous nyama choma (“roast” as the phrase is translated exactly) restaurant in Nairobi. Also Simba Saloon, an outdoor night club, and a place with live music are located here.

  • Shopping

    Shopping in Nairobi is considered as a form of art. Unless one is shopping is supermarkets, the opening price should never be accepted. Be prepared to play the barganing game. The stores at the end up upper Moi Avenue are considered as the primary shopping area.

    Nairobi is the best place to buy handcrafts in East Africa. You may want to visit Zanzibar Antique Store on Moi Avenue if you are looking for the best place to buy handcrafts.

    You can find Zebra designs and carvings on Koinange Street. Fabrics, textile, and kikoys (a type of loincloth adorned with rectangular shapes on a shiny textile cotton) are available on Biashara Street. You may find antiques, handcrafts, beads, and jewellery on Karen de Mbagathi Ridge. Embakasi Village Handcrafts Marketplace, located on Mombasa Road, is another location. Rubber works, rubber sandals, toys, and traditional baskets are available between Hippodrome Road and Local Road.

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Ticket Sales Offices : Nairobi

THY Sales Office - Nairobi
POBOX 30597-GPO 00100 Nairobi/KENYA
Phone 00254202217888
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-17.00

Saturday 09.00-12.00

Address 9 Sim Road, Pomona PO Box 3964, Kempton Park 1620
Phone +254 722 535 255
Work Hours  
  • Nairobi : Airport Information

    Jomo Kenyatta Airport

    Address : P.0. Box 19001-00501
    Phone : + 254 020 825400–10
  • Nairobi : Airport Map Information

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