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City Guide : Nice

Located at the Mediterranean coast of the Southeastern France, Nice is the combination of spectacular natural sites in the center of the French Riviera. The city is settled into a coastal plain extending into the Mediterranean from its south. Nice is the 5th largest city of France and the 2nd biggest tourism center of the country. The Port of Nice-Villefranche is the primary cruising port in France.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    This impetuous and gallant city is a magnet for tourists with miles of the Mediterranean seafront, the splendid setting of Baie des Anges (the Angel of Bays), glorious architectures and the cuddly villages in the valleys. 19 museums and galleries, 150 ornamental lakes and fountains, parks, gardens and the historical monuments add to the fascination of Nice.

    La Chapelle de la Misericorde at the Cours Saleya was started to be built in 1790. This baroque style chapel is a magnificent architecture with golden color and gilt curved lines.

    Cathedrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas (Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St-Nicolas) in Avenue Nicholas II is a colorful cathedral crowned by six onion-shaped domes. The woodworks of Imperial Russia, frescoes and icons of this bright architecture will allure you.

    Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain (Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art) at Vieux Nice is a gallery composed of four grey marble towers. The museum is home to a fundamental collection of European and American avant-garde since 1960s.

    Musee Matisse (Matisse Museum) at Cimiez harbors the personal collection of Fauvist painter, Henri Matisse.

    A great deal of parks and gardens are placed at the city. Le Parc du Chateau at Vieux Nice is a public park with the best panoramic views of Nice and the sumptuous Baie des Anges. This watery oasis captures the hearts via its fountain and shrubs.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Nice has a wealthy cultural and artistic accumulation. Concerts, festivals, theaters and the Nice Opera House are the main reflections of the cultural heritage of Nice.

    Theater de Nice (Nice Theater) is one of the significant performing arts centers of the city. National performances are staged at this theater. Theater Lino Venture and Theater Francis Gag are among the other major theaters of the city.

    Opera de Nice (Nice Opera) is the leading performing center of the city. Annually, from October to June, the house offer concerts, recitals, ballets and lyrical performances.

    Carnival held in the second half of February is the most important festival of the city. This internationally famous cultural event has a history tracing back 13th century. Street parties, flowers, confetti and the parades of huge figures are the main elements of the celebrations during Carnival. Festin des Cougourdons held in the gardens of monastery at Cimiez is the fest for dancing and folk music. Nice Jazz Festival held in July hosts international artists.

    The climatic and regional atmospheres of Nice create appropriate conditions for a great range of sport activities. Rafting, hiking, canyoning, motor sports, hunting, climbing and a great deal of water sports are performed at the city. The city is home to 15 magnificent private and many public beaches. The Baie des Anges beaches are among the splendid ones expending along the Mediterranean.

    Nice teems with dancing venues, discos, glitzy nightclubs, bars and cafes. The nightlife at the city offers a great range of entertainment experiences. Cours Saleya, in addition to its open-air markets, is popular with its bars and cafes.
  • Food & Drink

    A great deal of restaurants of a great range of categories spread between the hills and on the narrow streets of the city offer mouth-watering and genuine delights. In addition to the best examples from the world cuisine and the ubiquitous salade niçoise (Nice salad), Nice cuisine is highly genuine and the palates of the city cuisine are offered in the decorative and creative restaurants. Nice olives are pretty popular and delicious. The cailletier (Nice's olive trees) produces olives, olive oil and olive puree.

    The Nice wine has a worldwide reputation by its Bellet vineyards. Bellet wines are delicious and quality as a consequence of the climatic conditions enabling the slow maturation of white and rose wines.

    Some popular local specialties;

    Salade niçoise (raw vegetables seasoned with olive oil), pan-bagnat (the salade niçoise between the two slices of bread), pissaladiere (onion tart with olive oil and anchovies), ratatouille ( courgettes, peppers, aubergines, onions and tomatoes fried in oil olive), beignets de fleurs de courgettes (courgette flower fritters), stockfish (fish stew with tomatoes and potatoes), tourte de blettes (a sweet filling of pinenuts, raisins and chards)....
  • Shopping

    Shopping arcades, department stores, jewelry shops, craftwork dealers in the Old Town and small boutiques are among the main constituents of the Nice shopping world. You will find a total of 7.000 shops in the city most of them gathered at the city center. Clothing, leather goods, jewelry, olive oil, sweets, flowers, fabrics and more are sold at these shopping places.

    Cours Saleya food and flea markets are the main shopping areas of the city. The designer fashion brands are found on rue Paradise and rue de Suede. Also, the Jean Medecin Avenue is home to many chain outlets of the leading brands.
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Golf On The French Riviera

Amateur and professional golfers alike from Algeria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States will be playing in this tournament set in the spectacular landscape of the French Riviera. The tournament, which attracted twenty-six teams and 104 golfers last year including several world leaders in the food industry, is a virtual summit for leaders in the business.

Played in an atmosphere of competition-turned-friendship, the tournament is an event where where golfers from different countries and cultures mix and amateur golfers get tips from the pros. And the barbecue that follows the prize ceremony further cements those ties. The 5th Aromatech Food & Drink Industry International Pro Am Golf Tournament is a perfect opportunity for spending a pleasant weekend on the French Riviera.


Number of amateurs who played in the tournament in 2011.

Number of firms represented at the 4th Aromatech Food & Drink Industry Pro Am Golf Tournament.

Number of professional golfers who joined the 78 amateurs who played in last year’s tournament.

Ticket Sales Offices : Nice

THY Airport - Nice
Phone 33-493-21 44 79 (3 lines)
Call center: 33 0825 800 902
Fax 33-493-21 44 80
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Weekdays 09:00-13:00 / 14:00-18:30

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Address Turkish Airlines Cargo -Türk Hava Yolları Kargo10, Rue Du Pave BP 18353 – Fret 5 Trembley En France 95706 Roissy Cdg Cedex
Phone Call Center : (33) (0) 1742 504 93
(33) (0)1 74251037
Baggage: 0825 800 902
Fax (33) (0) 1742 504 94
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:30-18:00

Address Global Cargo Management France (acik isim) Zac Du Moulin 9 Rue Du Noyer B.P 15418 95707 Roissy CDG Cedex
Phone (33) (0) 1301 821 85-88
Fax (33) (0) 1301 824 43
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  • Nice : Airport Information

    Cote D'Azur Airport

    Address : Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur CCINCA BP 3331 06206 Nice cedex 3 France
    Phone : +33 4 898 898 28
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