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City Guide : Riga

Situated at the geographical center of the Baltic States, Riga is the capital of the Republic of Latvia. Latvia is a country in the north of Europe and placed on the Baltic Sea coast. Standing on the two banks of Daugava River, Riga is placed along the coast of Baltic Sea at the southern part of the Gulf of Riga. Riga stands as a major transportation hub consistent with its harbor, international airport and developed transportation infrastructure. The capital is the corner stone of the Latvia's economy. At the same time, the city is the center of education and science in the country.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Riga is conspicuous via its architecture, highly developed infrastructure and culture. The cityscape is dressed in an unprecedented effulgent architecture. Especially, the genuine Art Nouveau architecture examples will transfix you. Also, wooden architectures garnish the urban environment.

    The Freedom Monument at the Old Riga carrying the inscription “For Fatherland and Freedom” holds the bronze female Liberty keeping up the three stars. The stars are the symbols for the three regions of Latvia as Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale.

    St. Peter's Cathedral located at the Old Riga is a Gothic style church originally built in wood in 1660s. Lastly built in steel, the famous spire of the cathedral offer the best view from the city.

    Residing as the seat of Latvian secular authority on the bank of Daugava River, Riga Castle was built in 1330. The castle is the official residence of the President of the country and houses museums together with some cultural institutions.

    Art Nouveau architectures dominate the fascinating architectural face of Riga. Alberta Street is the leading location for this type of buildings. Each one of the buildings in the street are peculiar to itself examples of Art Nouveau style.

    There are above 40 museums in Riga. Navigation and Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia, Latvian Museum of Nature, Museum of Decorative Applied Arts and Museum of the History of Riga are a few examples.

  • Culture & Entertainment


    Riga is definitely one of the leading cultural and artistic centers in the Baltic Region. The capital has a wealthy and varied cultural life including live theater, film, dance, opera, ballet, music, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and art galleries throughout year.

    Tracing back to the 13th century, theater in Riga is performed via world-class productions. Russian Drama Theater, the New Riga Theater, Latvian National Theater, Daile Theater, Riga Chamber Theater and Puppet Theater are the main theatrical centers found in the city.

    The Latvian National Opera in Riga is a repertory theater staging opera and ballet performances. From September to May, the opera house performs about 200 plays. The opera has over 600 full-time employees.

    The Latvia Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra are the sources of big recitals and significant concerts. The Great Guild concert hall is home to the Symphony Orchestra. Arena Riga, Dome Cathedral (Riga Cathedral), Ave Sol, Small Guild and Wagner Hall are among the other main concert halls placed at the city.

    The authentic folklore and craftsmanship traditions of Riga are well preserved. The ancient Latvian is perpetuated through these traditions. Throughout the year, Riga is home to a great range of international festivals. National Song and Folk dance of Latvia is held in Riga. This festival is actualized in every 4 years. This festival culminates through the concerts at Mezaparks (Forest Park). Annual Riga Opera Festival is held in June. The Summer Solstice Festival (Jani) celebrated in June is the most significant holiday of Latvia.

    Promenades along the Daugava River and walking through Mezaparks is something that you should absolutely experience. In addition, a great range of sport activities can be performed at the city. Water-sports, horse riding, swimming, cycling, golf and ice hokey are a few examples from this kind of activities.

    A great deal of night venues offer myriad entertainment experiences. From jazz, blues, techno to classic, pop, every kind of music genres are played at the nightclubs, bars, saloons, dance clubs, pubs and the other places. You can listen Latvian music in a plenty of the venues spread around the city.

  • Food & Drink

    Riga cuisine is offered by multitudinous restaurants and the other eateries from all the categories in your mind. Bread and beer has a special place in the city's culinary culture. You will find a great deal of bistros and beer gardens stretched in the city.

    The international respect of the city cuisine provides magnificent delights for every taste and budget. Asian cuisine is fairly popular at the city. Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian food are served at the restaurants accompanied by the atmospheres special to the city. The cuisine of Caucasian Mountains is equipped with every kind of delicious and popular wines of the region.
  • Shopping


    Riga's shopping world is filled with huge shopping malls and the local markets and arcades.

    Riga Central Market located at the hearth of the city is the biggest market in the Baltic States. You can find whatever you look for in the market. Agricultural products, all kinds of foods (vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products...) and a great deal more are existed in the market. Standing as one of the largest markets in Europe, the market has a history tracing back to the foundation of the city, 1201 A.C.

    The fundamental shopping part of the city is the Old Town. Audeju is the major shopping street of the city. A plenty of designer shops are placed at the street.

    Local souvenirs;

    Dolls in national dresses, Riga Black Balsam (a traditional liqueur made of herbs, juices, flowers), linen clothes, Baltic jewelry, Amber (Baltic Gold), mitten, woolen sweaters, sock...

Route Map: Houston – Riga Flight

Pearl Of The Baltic Riga

Coming in from the airport you encounter magnificent architecture and understand why Riga is called the fairy tale city.

One of northern Europe’s major countries, Latvia is close to half covered by forest. Thousands of lakes and streams large and small make the country a paradise on earth. The wide Daugava River that bisects the capital Riga and empties into the Baltic allows big ships to dock in the heart of the city. Giant ferries from the neighboring Baltic states, mainly Finland, bring tourists here every day. Originally founded in 1201, Riga appeals instantly for its fine architecture.

Riga is one of Europe’s leading centers of the Art Nouveau style of architecture. Jugendstil buildings reflecting strict German discipline rise in almost all the streets and avenues at the city center. Protected under the auspices of Unesco as a world cultural heritage, Riga’s architecture has a fairy tale quality about it, while at the same time revealing much about the history of European culture. The earliest buildings erected in Riga by the Teutonic knights who came here from northern Germany exhibit traces of the Gothic and Romanesque styles, the best examples of which can be found in Alberta and Strelnieku Streets.

Riga is also a city of intensive cultural and artistic activity. Despite its diminutive size, its many museums make it northern Europe’s capital of culture. Among the museums you can visit in the city are the Sun Museum, the Museum of Pharmacy, the Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga Art Nouveau Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Latvian War Museum. 

The flavors of the Russian and Eastern European cuisines loom large in Riga, which lies in the heart of north central Europe. Besides restaurants serving traditional Latvian fare, you can also try an array of Japanese, Indian and Italian eateries. And the market, open every day of the week, is particularly appetizing with its supply of fresh fruits from the neighboring villages. Those who wish can also find fast food chains in the city center.

Amber is the Baltic’s gift to Riga. This valuable natural substance is processed at various points around the city, which boasts numerous shops selling jewelry and ornaments made of it. Available in tones from light yellow to red, brown and even black, amber is one of the symbols of Riga. Beyond what you can buy in its shops, another of Riga’s gifts to visitors is, without a doubt, its rich cultural heritage and streets lined with fairy tales houses, all waiting to be discovered.

1.Water sports are quite popular in Riga.
2.The buildings draw attention for their original architecture.  
3.A bridge where lovers attach padlocks.
4.The streets of Riga, calm and peaceful.
5.Historic Riga flour mill.

Financed by donations from the people, the monument was erected in 1935.

The construction took  four years and 308,000 working hours, and 2,500 tons of material were used.

The three stars the statue holds aloft symbolize Latvia’s three regions.

The Latvians call the statue of a maiden at the top of the 43-meter- high monument ‘Milda’.

Following a contentious wreath-laying ceremony in 1987, the monument has come to commemorate Latvian independence.

The monument was restored between 1998 and 2001.

1.Works by local artists lend color to Riga’s parks.
2.Riga city center promises much in terms of history and culture.

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