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City Guide : Rostov-On-Don

Rostov-on-Don, which marks the southeastern edge of Europe, is also the administrative center of the Southern Federal District of Russia. This city, which the Don River separates into two, is located approximately 46 km away from the point where the river flows into the Sea of Azov. Rostov, located a thousand kilometers away from Moscow, has the appearance of a very cosmopolitan city. People of around 20 different ethnic origins live here together.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The history of Rostov-on-Don dates back as far as the 5th century BC. In the archaeological excavations done in the region, female soldiers who were buried with their weapons were found. However, the foundation of the modern city falls on the year 1749. The city was founded by Elizabeth, the daughter of the Russian Emperor Peter I as the capital city of Southern Russia. Elizabeth, who liked the location of the city, gave the order that a city with wide streets, like its counterparts in the west, be founded. The historical center of the city is full of heritage buildings which were put under protection. Among them, the City Duma Building which you can see at Number 47 on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, can be listed first. The building bears the signature of the architect A. Pomerantsev who was also a faculty member. The Academic Drama Theater, which keeps the name of Maxim Gorky alive, should be seen as another architectural masterpiece of global quality in the city. The architects of this structure, a miniature of which is on display in the British Museum in London, are V. Shchuko and V. Gelfreich. Rostov Regional Academic Theater of the Youth, which is well over a hundred years old, can be another stop. Another monument worth seeing is the Armenian Monastery Surb-Khach, which was built as a complex around the end of the 18th century. The project of this complex was drawn by one of the prominent Russian architects, I. Starov. Significant figures of the city are remembered with monuments and sculptures made of either bronze or stone, all around. Maxim Gorky, Mikhail Sholokhov, Martiros Saryan, and Georgiy Sedov are some of them. The avenues and streets are also adorned with many other sculptures. These works are called by names such as “Flower Girl”, “My First Teacher”, and “Citizen”; and furthermore attract the attention of those visiting the city. The monument erected in the name of Saint Dimitry the Metropolitan of Rostov, in Sobornaya Square in front of the Central Cathedral is considered to be the spiritual symbol of the city.

    Rostov-On-Don In One Day

    If you have set one day aside for Rostov-on-Don; Pushkinskaya Street, Museum of Regional Studies, Fine Arts Museum, and Railway Museum should definitely be included in places for you to see.

    City Tours and Transportation

    Russia is a country where petroleum products are found in abundance and for relatively cheap prices. For this reason, private vehicles are typically opted for. If you would like do a city tour with a taxi, this costs you only about 500 rubles.

     Nearby Locations

     The Rostov Region, where the iron and steel industry is especially developing, is also interesting for its fertile agricultural lands. Due to the resources provided by large plains, agriculture is also at an exceedingly good level. In the vicinity of the city; in addition to iron and steel factories, there are factories that produce helicopters and agricultural machines. Exportation of lumber and trees holds a significant place in the economy. Lumber and trees are transported to the Black Sea with ships traveling on the Don River, and then to almost all parts of the world.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Museums, Public Squares, Historical Locations, Monuments

    Rostov-on-Don is a very fulfilling city from cultural and artistic perspectives as well. The number of cultural and artistic institutions and communities exceed 220. Rostov-on-Don is a city where authors such as A. Solzhenitsyn, M. Nalbandyan, M. Shaginyan, V. Panova, and A. Fadeev; painters such as M. Grekov, M. Saryan, and V. Sheblanov; musicians such as A. Artamonov and K. Nazaretov; and actors such as Y. Zavadskiy and V. Maretskaya live. The place of birth of the famous Russian ballerina O. Spesivtseva is also this city. Rostov-on-Don is a significant center of education and science in the region. The city is pointed to be in the third place in this respect; following Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are a total of 25 universities here; 13 of which are state-owned. The number of people who are here for education is stated to be more than 120 thousand. There are four major theaters in operation in Rostov, two of which also serve as conservatories. The largest library in Southern Russia, the Don State Public Library can be seen here as well. Rostov-on-Don is a true city of culture with the State Circus, Philharmonic Orchestra, state conservatory bearing the name of S.V.Rakhmaninov and 4 very interesting museums. Rostov-on-Don is one of the cities where jazz music is alive. The prime location suggested to get an education of pop and jazz music in the country is also here. The city made a name for itself, thanks to the great efforts made by the famous “jazz professor” Kim Nazaretov in the beginning of the 80s. Having started jazz and pop music education in the Rostov Conservatory, Nazaretov who was a conductor, worked in this city for a total of 18 years until 1993, when he lost his life.

    Parks, Games, Events, and Natural Areas

    The Rostov Zoo is one of the zoos with the largest area in continental Europe. Another characteristic of this natural area, which is situated on a 90 hectare area, is that it has been in service for 85 years. More than 5000 species live in this garden, 424 of which are on the list of rare species. The Botanical Gardens within the Rostov State University is another unique green area of the city, with an area of 161 hectares. Art festivals make up a virtually inseparable piece of the city tradition. The city kicks off the series of festivals with the art forum “Don Spring” that is organized every year. The theater festival “Minifest” and “Russian Comedy” are other events that follow in order. Many jazz and pop music festivals of international quality are also among what you can witness in this city.
  • Food & Drink

    The restaurants of Rostov-on-Don offer almost all types of food. You can get a taste of various cuisines from numerous places in the world. This is also a very spot-on place to try the traditional Russian Cuisine. Let us point out that mainly beef, poultry, mutton, and pork are consumed in dishes, in which meat takes the main place. In terms of vegetables; cucumbers, carrots, onions, garlic, pumpkins, turnip, beetroot, potatoes, and cabbage are consumed the most.
  • Shopping

    Rostov is a place that is rich in terms of shopping opportunities. Outdoor markets all around the city deserve to be seen as different colors. At these destinations, you can breathe in the atmosphere of traditional Caucasian marketplaces.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Rostov-On-Don

Airport Office
Address 344066 Sholokhova Prosp. 270/international Terminal 1st. floor .
Phone +7(863)276 75 61
Call center: 8 0 800 700 61 61
Fax +7(863)276 75 62
Work Hours

Weekdays 23:30-06:30

Sales Office
Address Tekucheva Cd.,234 Office 1Rostov-On-Don
Phone +7(863)300-11-45/46
Call center: 8 0 800 700 61 61
Fax +7(863)300-11-47
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00-17:30

Address FF Cargo Services LTD. Off.504, 30 Kommunalnoy pr., Khimki, 141400 Moscow regıon Russia
Phone 00 7 495 648 6501
Work Hours  
  • Rostov-On-Don : Airport Information

    Rostov-On-Don Intl. Airport

    Address : Rostov Airport, 270/1, Sholokhov Prospekt, Rostov-on-Don, 344066, Russia
    Phone : +7 8632 58 5110
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