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fligts to Venice

City Guide : Venice

Located at the swampy Venetian Lagoon all along the Adriatic Sea, in the northeast portion of Italy, Venice is the capital of the Veneto Region, one of the 20 regions of Italy. The lagoon reclines between the Po River at south and Piave River at north.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Apart from the fact that the city has magnificent monuments to be seen, Venice is world-famous for its water canals and lanes. Venice is composed of an archipelago of 122 islets, which about 150 canals get through. Connected via nearly 400 bridges, these canals provide the main transportation network within the city alongside the lanes. The railway (19th century) and the automobile (20th century) causeways connect the city to the mainland. You will live a big pleasure when travelling the city with the Venetian gondolas (traghetti), travelling from the city center to the city island via motorized waterbuses (vaporetti) and/or crossing the Brand Canal by ferries without using bridges. You will find an unusual world and an enchanting place that you will not want to draw apart.

    Ponte di Rialto in San Polo/San Marco is the first bridge built over the Grand Canal. Rialto is the commercial center of Venice. You will see a scene of masses over the bridge walking to the fruit and vegetable markets existed here.

    Ca' d'Oro in Cannaregio is a fantastic artifact of the 15th century Gothic structure. Within that unprecedented art gallery, you will find a collection mostly consisting of valuable parts from the 15th and 16th centuries. Especially, the panoramas of the city from the balconies over the Grand Canal are charming.

    Established in the 9th century, Palazzo Ducale, the Doge's Palace, in San Marco is a magnificent castle being the center for the commanders of the Venetian Republic. This Venetian Gothic was the home of the duke.

    Pellestrina Island at the southern part is a small Venice. You may want to come here for a dreamy, quiet, joyous and comfortable nature and sea footpace.

    St Mark's Square in San Marco is one of the most exotic and fabulous places of Venice. People come here to put on airs and to live the carnival like ambiance of the city.

    Frari Basilica, St. Mark Basilica, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Correr Museum, Torcello (the Venice's birth place) and more will enrapture you.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    The Campiello Literary Prize framed in 1962 aims to form a bridge between economy and culture. It is one of the most prestigious prizes in the country.

    The Study Center for the History of Textiles and Custome in Palazzo Mocenigo Library with its rich and up to date collection is fairly eligible for study and research. You can find both books and periodicals within that culture building.

    Goldon's House Theatre Library (the Casa Goldoni Library) opened in 1953 is one of the main libraries in the theatrical arts sector. You will be able to find 30.000 works here.

    It is not possible to say that Venice is the place of clubs, however, bars of the city are intensive and popular for the nightlife of the city. The places cited with bars are mainly Campo Santa Margherita and Cannaregio.

  • Food & Drink

    Along its history, Venice has been a place for all imaginable kinds of seafood. If you are looking for foods different than seafood it is not possible to say that you are lucky. Because most of the restaurants and eateries within the city are not offering something different than a large menu of seafood, but the best quality seafood accompanied with a great range.

    If you want to eat in a classic restaurant you should pay a visit to the St Mark's Square area or San Marco district. Dorsoduro is one of the best parts of the city with its varied restaurants.

  • Shopping

    The shopping centers in Venice sell Venetian goods, Italian fashion and authentic handicrafts.

    Fiorella Gallery at Campo Santo Stefano is the most proper place for the ones who want to impress others through their dressing style. There are not, at the most, modern clothes available, but you will find clothes awaking sensation.


    The streets near Calle Larga XXXII Marzo are among the best places to find the famous Italian brands. Ruga Ravano and Calle Seconda dei Saoneri are popular with their shops and crafts.


    Pescaria (fish market) and Rialto markets are among the fundamental markets in the city.


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World Art Summit: The Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale opened as usual in June. Artists, curators, journalists and collectors from around the world were in town for the opening on June 4. The Biennale is also hosting a large and ambitious international exhibition. Curator this year is Bice Curiger, and the theme is ILLUMInations.

Turkey is taking part in the Biennale this year with Ayşe Erkmen’s work titled Plan B. Erkmen is known for her works that embody the memory and topography of a city, entering into a dialogue with it and even combining disparate geographies. Among her memorable creations are her Shipped Ships, featuring ferryboats in the cities of Frankfurt, Istanbul and Shingu in Japan, and Sculptures on the Air, a group of 15th and 16th century stone sculptures that floated in the skies of Münster suspended from a helicopter before being returned to their storage facility at the Landesmuseum.

When asked to produce a work for Venice, Erkman put together a project based on the concept of water, which has always intrigued her, and the canals that lace the city. Originally, her plan was to purify the canal water and offer it to Biennale-weary crowds to drink. When this proved unfeasible due to the local bureaucracy and rules of hygiene, she brought plan b into play, from which the installation also takes its name. Water is again purified, but this time in an aesthetic arrangement in which the entire hall is crisscrossed with colorful pipes from which the water is pumped back into the canals, without being drunk.

When you enter this space, you encounter both the gaily painted pipes, whose deliberate complexity creates an aesthetically pleasing impression, and the hum of the machines attached to them. Ayşe Erkmen has broken a huge purification unit up into eight components and disseminated them around the space, connected by the pipes, producing a mechanical sculpture, a vast, curious and somewhat alienating installation in which hundreds of jobs are being performed simultaneously. Indeed, Biennale visitors must have been impressed too because 150,000 of them toured the Turkish pavilion in the first two months. Perhaps because they saw themselves in it, the art world especially was enamored of Erkmen’s sculpture. But Plan B’s main concern of course is Venice. With the canals that give it richness, that brought it power and fame, and to which it literally owes its existence. Today as well they ensure that Venice remains a leading center of tourism. In them circulates the water that is the city’s protector and, slowly rising now, is also becoming its enemy.

Realized with Fiat sponsorship and the support of the Promotion Fund of the Prime Ministry of Turkey under the auspices of Turkish Airlines, and coordinated by the Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Art, the Venice Biennale’s Turkey pavilion is less crowded today than it was in its early days. If you go to the Biennale, be sure to visit this venue, crisscrossed with pipes of red, blue, green and magenta through which water is driven by a constantly humming motor. Perhaps you’ll even be offered a surreptitious drop of distilled Venetian water… Until November 27.


The international exhibition is opening with large canvases by the classic Venetian painter, Tintoretto, who gave so much importance to the play of light, and the works of 83 other artists. HIghlights include Golden Lion winner Christian Marc Lay’s film The Clock, Monica Bonvicini’s stairs climbing to the light, and Maurizio Cattelan’s joke consisting of 2,000 embalmed pigeons scattered throughout the entire exhibition area.


But the Venice Biennale isn’t only these exhibitions. For one thing there is Venice itself. And its museums. Don’t miss them as you roam the city’s narrow streets and skip from this canal to that on the vaporetti. The exhibitions that open at the Punta Della Dogana, the Peggy Guggenheim and the Palazzo Grassi at Biennale time, as well as the Prada collection at the Corner Della Regina, are not to be missed.

Ticket Sales Offices : Venice

Airport Office
Address Aeroporto Marco Polo - Tessera, 2° Piano Via Luigi Broglio 8, 30173 Venezia, Italy
Phone +39 041 269 8190
800 599 111
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Every Day: 07:00 -20:00
"Per le prenotazioni e le richieste di emissione biglietti si prega di chiamare il seguente
nr +39 041 269 81 90. Vi ricordiamo che forniamo servizi durante la settimana dal lunedi’ al venerdi’ tra le 9:00-17:00 ora locale. Grazie."

Address Airfreight&Data Processing, Via Fantoli 28/13, 20138 Milan, Italy
Phone +39 02 554 00 391
Work Hours  
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    Marco Polo Airport

    Address : Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo - Save S.p.a. Viale G. Galilei, 30/1 30173 Tessera-Venezia (Ve)
    Phone : 041 2606111
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