For Animation Buffs

Istanbul And Ankara Are Hosting A Spanking New Festival: The Animators Festival.

Mounted by the Animators Talent Camp, founded by Berat İlk, the Animators Festival is aimed at developing the animation sector in Turkey and providing support to filmmakers. Its first stop is Istanbul, April 24-28. Moving on to Ankara May 16 to 19, the festival program features informal chats, sector meetings, animation workshops and panel discussions as well as film screenings. There is also a festival surprise: Nelson Shin, the famous mastermind behind the light saber of the Star Wars series. Shin, who is putting together a special selection for festival visitors, is the director of the feature film Empress Chung and producer of television series like The Transformers: The Movie, The Simpsons, X-Men and Yet Another Road to Tasmania. FREE SCREENINGS All festival events and film , except the ones at Proday İstanbul, are free of charge. The festIval program features Informal chats, sector meetIngs, anImatIon workshops and panel dIscussIons as well as fIlm screenIngs.