An English Istanbulophile

Miss Julia Pardoe Is A Figure Whose Books Shed Light On The 19th Century Ottoman Turkish World.

Miss Julia Pardoe came to Istanbul in 1835 with her father, Thomas Pardoe, a major in the British army, and soon fell in love with the city. Trying to see as much of it as she possibly could during her nine-month sojourn, she published her impressions in a book entitled The City of the Sultan and Domestic Manners of the Turks (London, 1837). Following this book, which was received with great interest, Pardoe connected with her London readers again in 1838 with The Beauties of the Bosphorus. Noteworthy for their impressive engravings, these books rank among the classics of world literature for Julia Pardoe’s lively, colorful and intelligent observations and original style.


The engravings in Pardoe’s books contain important information about the appearance of Istanbul and the Bosphorus in the 19th century.


(The Beauties of the Bosphorus)


Beşiktaş Palace and the Bosphorus (The Beauties of the Bosphorus)