Young And Bursting With Histor

Capital Of Ukraine’s Crimean Autonomous Republic, Simferopol Appeals To The Young At Heart As Well As The History Buffs.

Go to Lenin Square, the only square in the city, at evening and watch the young people skateboard dancing to live music.
Stop at the Centralny Rynok (central market) for everything from original Ukrainian products and handicrafts to fruits and vegetables and lots of other things.
Taste authentic Ukrainian and Crimean dishes like pilaff and shashlik at the city’s restaurants.
Tour the historic train station and discover relics of the past.
Don’t leave Simferopol without seeing the Scythian settlement dating back to the end of the 3rd century B.C.E.  Museums and ruins await you at this archaeological site.

If you travel 17 kilometers outside the city, you will see the natural caves. Marble Cave in particular is very interesting…

Turkish Airlines has daily Istanbul-Simferopol-Istanbul flights. For more information: