Affiliate Program

Through the Turkish Airlines Affiliates program, you can increase your income by advertising Turkish Airlines flights on your website.

Only sales made via are valid for the Affiliate program.

1-What is Affiliate?

The Affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn commission by publishing content for Turkish Airlines. The Turkish Airlines Affiliate Network company sends you all the advertising material necessary to promote air tickets and enables you to redirect to the Turkish Airlines website

2- How does the Affiliate program work?

The Affiliate program works on the basis of commission earned through ticket sales. When visitors who are directed to from your website buy a flight ticket, it is flagged on the system and you earn commission at the rates outlined in section 3. It costs nothing at all to join the Affiliate program.

3-How do I earn through the Affiliate program?

Every time a flight ticket is bought by a visitor who has been redirected to from your website, you earn commission through the Affiliate program. In order for you to earn commission, the visitor who has purchased a flight ticket from must have been directed to from your website with their last click before arriving there.

Price Comparison Websites

The table below shows commission rates per reservation code (PNR) on sales generated through the Affiliate program on price comparison sites.

Ticket type

Commission rates in all classes (Economy&Business&Comfort)

Domestic ticket sales

€0.50 (per PNR**)

International ticket sales

€5 (per PNR**)

* Cookie Period: Valid for visitors’ immediate session on price comparison sites. Permission is granted for a 30 minute cookie period.
**Reservation code (PNR): The same reservation code can include more than one passenger.

4-How do I join the Affiliate program?

Turkish Airlines operates it Affiliate program with Digitouch in Turkey and Tradedoubler worldwide. As Turkish Airlines, we only deal with price-comparison (meta-search) websites. We have agreements with all local and global meta-search websites through our Affiliate program.

5-Payment Schedule

Commission is earned through online customers purchasing air tickets. Commission claims are generated when a passenger buys a ticket online. No commission is earned if the passenger only makes a reservation. 

Also, no commission is earned if the purchased ticket is canceled within 30 days. Payments are issued to publishers on a monthly basis, on Tuesday in the 3rd week of every month and are made by Digitouch in Turkey and Tradedoubler worldwide.


The Affiliate Network company, Tradedoubler, which is a worldwide partner of Turkish Airlines, together with Digitouch in Turkey, deliver the Affiliate program with monthly commission control, real-time reporting and third-party tracking. You can enter the Tradedoubler platform to monitor the commission you have earned on a daily basis. As well as this, you can view daily, weekly and monthly reports with the following breakdown:

  • Number of clicks
  • Number of page views
  • Sales amount
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Amount of commission earned in Turkish lira

7-Affiliate program exemptions

a. Commission is not earned in the following circumstances:

  • From additional reservation costs
  • When the ticket purchase takes place outside of
  • When the ticket purchase transaction is completed outside of the website (e.g. via the call center)
  • When purchases are made via a link without a correct tracking code
  • When the ticket is canceled/refunded within 30 days of the purchase transaction.

b. The Affiliate program is not valid for travel agencies working as sales or distribution channels.

8-Approval of Publishers

Turkish Airlines retains the sole right to reject publisher applications to the Affiliate program when necessary. In the event of your application being rejected, you do not have the right to appeal to any legal authority against Turkish Airlines. Acceptance or rejection of all applications is notified to publishers by Digitouch in Turkey and Tradedoubler worldwide.

9-Restrictions and Intellectual Property Rights

  • Website publishers do not have the right to engage in spam email campaigns, voucher code trading and paid search activities for the Turkish Airlines Affiliate Program.
  • Website publishers do not have permission to make bids on words associated with the Turkish Airlines (THY) brand. Accordingly, publishers cannot use terms, URLs and product names relating to Turkish Airlines, or misspellings of these names without permission. Publishers also do not have the right to use any terminology of the Turkish Airlines brand, or derivations of it, in their paid search campaigns.
  • Publishers are permitted to place the Turkish Airlines brand name as a sub folder inside the display URL of their search engine adverts.
  • Publishers must not use the Turkish Airlines brand name in their search engine campaigns without permission, For example, “Turkish Airlines – Istanbul – buy air tickets to over 200 cities online.”
  • The Turkish Airlines website is the property of Turkish Airlines A.O. The following content is owned by Turkish Airlines and organizations who have received a Turkish Airlines license: all information, images, text, trademarks, slogans and other symbols; software intended for the protection of various intellectual property rights on this website; the page layout and presentation of the website. Unless you have obtained prior written consent from Turkish Airlines: the information on this webpage, along with all databases relating to it, the website and software codes must not be copied partially or in full, modified, published, transferred online or by other means, sold or distributed.
  • Additionally, publishers are not permitted to perform automatic screen scraping of site content using any kind of equipment, tool or software.


It is entirely free to join the Turkish Airlines Affiliate Program and you can join at any time with no commitment. Fill in the Application form and become a Turkish Airlines publisher.

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To guarantee the success of the program, it is important that there is effective and interactive communication between Turkish Airlines and its publishers. You can share your questions and suggestions for improving the Affiliate program at (affiliate[at]