Infants and Child Passengers

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  • Infants

    Since baby food falls into the category of ‘special meal” on our flights, special meal (Baby Meal) request must be made either while making a  reservation or at least 24 hours before scheduled takeoff.
    Two types of baby meal; fruit and vegetable are available in jars.
    In case of failure to request in advance, a limited amount of extra baby meal is available on flights originating from Istanbul and Ankara airports. Please contact our cabin crew for your request. We apologize if baby meal has run out due to high demand.

    An infant is a child who has not yet reached its 2nd birthday.(0-24 months)

    Acceptance and Regulations:

    • One adult can escort one infant only. Another escort is required for the second infant.
    • Escorts (except parents) must be older than 18 years old.
    • Newborn babies can not be accepted for travel within first 48 hours after birth.
    • Babies older than 48 hours old and younger than 7 days old traveling for medical reasons are accepted if they have medical clearance stating “fit to travel by air carriage”
    • After 7 days of birth and under 3 years old can travel with their parents. An escort can not be provided.
    • After 7 days of birth till 7 years old, children are not accepted without an accompany on TK flights.
  • Attended Infant and Child Passengers

    As Turkish Airlines, we haven't forgotten our little passengers between the ages of 2 and 6 (those who have already celebrated their second birthday but have not yet reached their seventh birthday). They are allowed to travel without the need to have their parents or relatives accompanying them. Our young passengers traveling without the company of their parents of relatives travel accompanied by our experienced, reliable and caring cabin crew from the beginning to the end of the flight.

    Who can travel attended?

    Child passangers, who are not younger than 7 and not older than 12, can travel unattended with the permission of their parents or legal guardians. Child passengers who have celebrated their second birthday, but have not celebrated their seventh birthday and have been given permission by their parents or other person authorized by their parents may travel under the supervision of an accompanying cabin crew appointed for the flight.

    Before the flight;

    • Reservations of attended child passengers must be made at least 48 hours before the flight. 
    • The language spoken by the attended child must be specified in the application. 
    • All costs related to the accompanying cabin crew are to be borne by the passenger.
    • An attended child carriage document is mutually filled out and signed. 
    • The parents/parent's representative of the attended child passenger has to wait in the airport until the airplane takes off. 
    • Attended child passengers must absolutely be assigned a seat.

    At arrival;

    • Attended child passengers may only be delivered to and taken delivery of by the children's parents or parents' authorized representatives.
    • In the event that the person delivering the attended child to the airport is not the child's parent or the child's parent's legal representative, the persons authorized by the parents of their legal representatives must submit a notarized "Authorization Document" to Turkish Airlines on the day of the flight.
  • Unattended Child Passengers

    Infants and Child Passengers Flight Ticket

    Did you know that we as Turkish Airlines carry thousands of unattended child passengers to their loved ones in safety each year for them to enjoy their travels? .

    Who can travel unattended?

    Child passengers who have celebrated their seventh birthday on or before the day of travel, but haven't yet celebrated their twelfth birthdays, who are permitted by their parents or legal guardians to travel unattended.

    Before the Flight;

    • In order for the children to travel unattended, all reservations of every flight have to be approved. 
    • Parents or legal guardians must bring the children to check-in at least two hours before takeoff. 
    • Unattended traveling of children is subject to the permission of the parents or legal guardians of the children traveling unattended and an “Authorization Form” is filled out and signed by the parents or legal guardians of such children.
    • There is a separate check-in counter in the Istanbul Ataturk Airport for children that travel unattended. In other airports, unattended child travelers are given priority. 
    • Authorized personnel will attend to children that travel unattended through the procedures of passing through security controls, passenger waiting areas and boarding gates until the child boards on the aircraft. 
    • Unattended child passengers are boarded on the plane by authorized personnel and handed over to the pursers. 

    During the flight;

    • The seat numbers of unattended child passengers are chosen from seats that are near the cabin crew. As a result, they can travel under the supervision of the cabin crew during the flight.

    At arrival;

    • Unattended child passengers are delivered by the purser to the officers awaiting the flight on the arrival stations in exchange for a signed "Authorization Form".
    • Authorized personnel are in charge of conducting all transactions in the arrival station such as passport controls, customs and baggage delivery. 
    • Unattended child passengers are delivered to the persons stated on the "Authorization Forms" in exchange for their signatures, after the stated names-surnames of the persons taking delivery of the children are checked.