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Travel with the advantageous Collaboration of Petrol Ofisi and Turkish Airlines!

Petrol Ofisi, the leader of the Turkish fuel sector, is signing an important collaboration with Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier airline of Turkey, which will bring you a lot of benefits. Petrol Ofisi and THY co-operation bring many advantages. This collaboration will also make Miles&Smiles members’ enjoy at their fuel purchases, which flies to most countries in the world with more than 300 destinations in 124 countries. Now those who love to fly will go ahead with Petrol Ofisi, the leader of the roads.

Those who want to take advantage of the benefits of Petrol Ofisi and Turkish Airlines cooperation should only need to pair their Positive Card and Miles&Smiles memberships once. After this process, they will be able to earn multiple Positive points according to their Miles&Smiles membership status and receive gift fuel in exchange for the fuel and autogas purchases they will make with their Positive cards which they have paired with the contracted Petrol Ofisi stations.

Points According to Miles& Smiles Membership Status

  • Classic: 2 times Positive Points
  • Classic Plus: 3 times Positive Points
  • Elite: 4 times Positive Points
  • Elite Plus: 5 times Positive Points

Pair your Miles&Smiles and Petrol Ofisi Positive Card memberships and start enjoying privileges now!

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign is launched in collaboration with the Petrol Ofisi loyalty program Positive card and the Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Frequent Flyer Program.
  • All the customers wishing to benefit from this campaign must be members of both programs.
  • In order to participate in this campaign, you must pair just once your Positive Card number and Miles&Smiles TK number on campaign page under Petrol Ofisi, accept terms & conditions and read information texts of the campaign which are prepared in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law. In addition, if you want to register via SMS channel, you can send a text message to 7627 after typing THY space TK number space Positive Card number. (Ex: THY TK123456789 7000190370001903) Following the registration process, Positive Card members will earn extra points in coherent with their Miles&Smiles membership status when they purchase fuel or autogas from Petrol Ofisi stations which execute Positive Card program.
  • Classic card members will earn double, Classic Plus card members will earn triple, Elite card members will earn quadruple and Elite Plus card members will earn five-fold Positive Points.
  • These points will be immediately uploaded to the Positive Card when the fuel purchase is completed.
  • When the Positive Points reaches up to 500, they can be used as gift points to buy fuel or autogas at the stations.
  • Your Positive Card must be activated priorly in order to use the Positive Points uploaded to your Positive Card at Petrol Ofisi stations that execute the Positive Card program and participated in the campaign. In order to activate the card, you can send a text message to 7627 after typing firstly "AKTIF", secondly 16-digit card number on the Positive Card, thirdly NAME and lastly SURNAME. Please be sure that you have left a space between this required information. Following this SMS, you will read information texts prepared in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law which will be sent to you. In addition, if you have Miles in the Miles&Smiles Frequent Flyer Program, you can convert your Miles to Positive Points at Petrol Ofisi website and use them while your fuel purchases. In addition, if you have Miles at Miles&Smiles Membership Account, you can convert your Miles into Positive Points at whenever you want on Petrol Ofisi website and use them for fuel purchase. For detail information, please visit Shop&Miles.
  • You can change your Miles&Smiles membership that you have paired with your Positive Card at most once in a year.
  • A Positive Card can only be paired with one Miles&Smiles membership at a time.
  • In all transactions at Petrol Ofisi stations, you must use your Positive Card, which is paired with your Miles&Smiles membership.
  • Each SMS will be charged by the operator for the cost of one (1) SMS.
  • Petrol Ofisi or Turkish Airlines reserves the rights to change the campaign conditions or stop the campaign.
  • Petrol Ofisi Automatic system customers, Positive Commercial Card members, customers who participated in a different campaign in the Positive Card Program and customers under 18 years of age cannot participate in this campaign.
  • Campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns and discounts.
  • Participating in the Positive Card Loyalty and Miles&Smiles Frequent Flyer Programs within the scope of campaign, are considered to have accepted the above terms and conditions and general terms and conditions of the programs.
  • For further information, click Miles&Smiles and Petrol Ofisi.