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If you need Miles, come to CarrefourSA!

Earn 100 Miles for each 200 TL and more shopping you make at a time in accordance with the campaign conditions at CarrefourSA!
Our customers who successfully participate in the campaign will earn 100 Miles for each purchases of 200 TL and more they make at a time at any CarrefourSA in accordance with the rules of the campaign.

Campaign participation:

To participate in the campaign, send an SMS to 4604 by typing “MIL“ and fill in the form completely also or by clicking the “CarrefourSA - Turkish Airlines Join the Campaign” button on www.carrefoursakart.com and fill in the form completely.

The customers who are included in the campaign by sending SMS will be sent a confirmation SMS to the mobile phone which they have requested participation and the purchases to be made after the confirmation SMS will be evaluated within the scope of the campaign.

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