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Bocuse d’Or

Acknowledged as the Gastronomy Olympics, Bocuse d’Or brings chefs from their kitchens to global stage. We support this prestigious competition, which awards talent and taste, as a sponsor.

Bocuse d’Or encompasses a total of 60 international and intercontinental competitions. Chefs passing the qualifying stages successfully meet in a grand final. Bocuse d’Or award finds its owner at the Sirha event organized every two years in January. Supported by Turkish Airlines as its transportation sponsor, Bocuse d’Or creates great value for the World cuisine.

Bocuse d’Or Overview

Hosting the best chefs of gastronomy world, Bocuse d’Or is organized in Sirha Lyon between 29-30 January. 24 of the world’s most promising chefs deliver their best performances for two days endeavoring to win the most special award of gastronomy sector. Chefs, passing the intercontinental qualifications such as Bocuse d'Or Europe, Bocuse d'Or Asia Pasific, Bocuse d'Or Latin America and Bocuse d'Or Africa, demonstrate their talent at the grand final.

History of Bocuse d’Or

As an innovative gastronomy competition, Bocuse d’Or was established by Paul Bocuse in 1987. The purpose of Bocuse d’Or was to create an organization similar to large-scale sporting events. Paul Bocuse allowed exactly 5 hours 35 minutes to 24 young chefs from around the world to prepare the best dish in front of an audience. A jury of famous chefs decided which dish was the winning one.

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