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Special days

Fun-filled days and hearty celebrations are a real source of joy in life. Special days provide a break from routine and monotony and a chance to catch up with loved ones. Specials days infuse cultures, celebrate weeks dedicated to important people and events, and make life more meaningful. Mark those special days on your calendar; Don’t miss another special moment!


Happy March 8 International Women's Day!

We are always inspired from the achievements of women in every aspect of life, and celebrate March 8 International Women's Day with great enthusiasm.

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Another year, another vibrant Easter in many beautiful cities

Many cities are looking forward to Easter, so we have looked into different Easter options for you to discover.

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Happy World Pilots’ Day!

We proudly commemorate Turkey’s first pilot, Fesa Evrensev’s first flight on April 26,1912. We celebrate with joy the World Pilots’ Day of our pilots gracing the skies!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Delight your mother, who loves you more than anything, on today of all days: Mother’s Day!

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Happy Eid al-Fitr!

Ramadan, the sultan of eleven months, has a very significant place in the Islamic World.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Always thinking about us more than themselves and striving hard to give us a better life, we celebrate the Father's Day of all our fathers.

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Happy World Chocolate Day!

Another great excuse to eat chocolate: 7 July World Chocolate Day! Adding taste and happiness to our lives, our love for chocolate is boundless.

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Happy World Kebab Day!

The star of the Turkish cuisine, kebab is a lot more than an ordinary meal. Famous all around the World in two different kinds as shish kebab and doner kebab, this taste livens up the tables.

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Happy Eid al-Adha!

Eid al-Adha, the Bairam of sacrifice and sharing! Feeling spiritual values intensively during the days of Eid al-Adha, we help the persons in need.

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Happy Language Day!

The first Turkish Language Convention in history was held on 26 September 1932. Therefore, September 26 began to be celebrated as the Language Day.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrated for centuries with roots dating back to Roman Era, Valentine’s Day is like a ritual in February 14 of each year.

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