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Sivas Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort

Sivas is one of the world’s rarest gems for housing thermal facilities and the joy of skiing together. Yıldız Mountain-Sıcak Çermik connection offers both the winter tourism and the thermal tourism opportunities together. 

Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort offers various summer sports options such as camping and mountain biking in addition to winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and trekking. Water sports like diving and jet skiing can be performed on Lake Yıldız; on the foothill of the namesake mountain. Fly to Yıldız Mountain for a pleasant holiday!


Ski tracks in Yıldız Mountain 

There are 7 tracks with a total length of 10 km. The longest track length is 2.2 km. 

Facilities in Yıldız Mountain 

There is 1 ski lift, 2 chairlifts, 2 moving walkways, 1 indoor ice rink, and 2 one-day facilities at the ski resort. 

Height of Yıldız Mountain 

Starting at 1,720 meters, the tracks are as high as 2,330 meters.

Ski season in Yıldız Mountain 

The skiing season at Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort starts in December and continues until April. 

Yıldız Mountain transportation 

You can get to Yıldız Mountain from Sivas city center by taxi or bus in 45 minutes. You can get to ski center from Sivas Airport in 1 hour. Sivas flights take you to Yıldız Mountain effortlessly. 

Accommodation in Yıldız Mountain 

The facility with a total of 38 rooms has 36 standard rooms and 2 junior suites. There is also a 110-bed hotel with a magnificent mountain view.

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