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WiFi wherever you travel!

Travel the world with your own personal and portable WiFi device. Benefit from the easiest and most reliable way to access the internet on your travels abroad.
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Offer details 

Earn 5 Miles for every 1 USD / EUR spend renting your Skyroam portable WiFi device ! 

Terms and conditions 

  • Earn 5 miles for every 1 USD / EUR you spend renting a Skyroam portable WiFi device. 
  • Miles&Smiles membership number must be given in full. Example:TK123456789 
  • Reservations without Miles&Smiles membership numbers or with an incorrect membership number cannot benefit from the campaign. 
  • Retroactive requests can be made up to 12 months from the date of booking. 
  • Bookings subject to mile earnage, should be made on the Skyroam.com page that has the Turkish Airlines logo on the website. 
  • In order to earn Award Miles, members should commit to their promises about the reservation period. 
  • Members with reservations that have been cancelled or refunded cannot benefit from the campaign. 
  • Members may not send more than one Miles&Smiles account number for a particular booking. 
  • Reservations are subject to Skyroam.com terms of use.