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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Application Learn more

1. When will I hear from the recruitment team after I submit the application? 

In 3 working days. 

2. If I need a visa to come to Turkey, will Turkish Airlines arrange that? 

No. Turkish Airlines does not provide visas to the applicants. 

3. Does Turkish Airlines accept paper CVs or applications? 

No. Turkish Airlines does not accept paper CVs. All applications need to be made online. 

4. When can I reapply? 

You can re-apply 6 months after the initial screening. 

5. What level of education do I have to have in order to apply to Turkish airlines as a pilot? 

The minimum educational requirement in order to apply for the job as pilot at Turkish Airlines is to possess a minimum of a high school diploma. 

6. What are the age requirements for both captains and first officers? 

Age requirements for captains for both captains and first officers are as follows: 

  • Experienced Wide Body Captains: Birth date between 01/01/1954-31/12/1981 on the date of application 
  • Experienced Narrow Body Captains: Birth date between 01/01/1954-31/12/1986 on the date of application 
  • NTR Narrow Body Captains: Birth date between 01.01.1957 – 31.12.1986 on the date of application 
  • NTR Wide Body Captains: Birth date between 01.01.1957 – 31.12.1981 on the date of application 
  • Experienced Narrow Body/ Wide Body First Officers: Birth date between 01/01/1963 - 31/12/1994 on the date of application 
  • NTR Narrow Body/ Wide Body First Officers: Birth date between 01.01.1963 – 31.12.1994 on the date of the application 

7. How do I hear more about future pilot recruitment opportunities with Turkish Airlines? 

You can hear about our future recruitment opportunities on the Turkish Airlines website: http://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/pilot-recruitment 

8. I have successfully filled out the application form and uploaded all required documents. Can I count on being invited to interviews? 

As long as the minimum requirements are met, you will certainly be invited to the screening process. 

9. I am from a country outside EU, how do I get a permit to work in Turkey? 

Turkish Airlines arranges and provides the work permit for all expat pilots. 

10. I am a helicopter pilot; will I have a chance for employment at Turkish Airlines? 

No. Because you need to have the minimum required hours on the specified aircraft types. 

11. What are the available channels to apply for a job at Turkish Airlines? 

Turkish Airlines website & social media.

Screening Learn more

1. What happens if l fail any part of the 3 day? 

Failing any part of the screening process will disqualify you from being employed by Turkish AirlinesCandidates who do not move forward from any stage of the screening assessment, will only have 2 attempts to re-take the assessment. Candidates will be disqualified from applying to Turkish Airlines once they have failed 2 times. 

2. What does Turkish Airlines provide for Pilots attending the screening? 

Travel expenses as well as the accommodation costs will be covered by the company for the job applicants. In addition, on the second day of the screening it is possible for candidates to join complimentary “Tour Istanbul”. Turkish Airlines will pay for the accommodation during the conversion training for the First Officers and Captains, who have passed the screening process and signed the contract, inclusive of breakfast (45 days for first officers & 15 days for captains). 

3. How long after the screening process will I be notified if I am successful? 

You will be informed about your result by Monday or Tuesday of the following week. 

4. What do I need to bring with me for the screening process? 

Note: Don’t forget to bring the originals of the below mentioned documents. All documents must be in either english or Turkish. 

  • All Logbooks 
  • Pilot Licence (with English proficiency level) 
  • Medical Certificate 
  • Passport No Incident or Accident Statement
  • No Criminal Record Statement* Reference Letter* 
  • School Diploma* 
  • Marriage Certificate* 

*The documents are optional for the screening process, on the basis that the valid documents below are presented prior to commencing employment. 

Incident / Accident Statement (validity should not exceed 6 months at the time of employment) 

No criminal record statement (validity should not exceed 6 months at the time of employment) 

5. What are the different components of the screening process at Turkish Airlines? 

Here are the steps listed in chronological order: 

  • CRM/ Group Assessment application 
  • ICAO level 4 exam 
  • Document & license check 
  • Simulator check 
  • Panel interview 
  • Medical check 

6. Can I bring my family with me when I’m invited for the screening process? 

Yes, you can. However, you will have to pay for their travel expenses. By paying an additional sum you can arrange for their accommodation at the same hotel as well. 

7. What should I wear during the screening process? 

Business attire is recommended while joining the screening process. 

8. How long does the screening process typically take at Turkish Airlines? 

The process takes 3 days (Monday through to Wednesday, inclusive of the Medical)

Non Type Rated (NTR) Pilots Learn more

1.Does Turkish Airlines pay for Non Type Rated (NTR) pilots’ type rating training? 

No. Turkish Airlines does not pay for the type rating training. It’s a self-sponsored program and NTR pilots are required to pay for their own type rating training. Turkish Airlines will provide NTR pilots with a letter of intent ensuring that pilots will commence to fly for Turkish Airlines upon their successful completion of the training. 

2.Who decides what fleet I will be assigned to, if l am a Non Type Rated Pilot? 

The fleet assignment is based on the type of the aircraft you fly and whether it exists in the Turkish Airlines inventory. Flight training department is in charge of the fleet assignment. 

3.I’m a NTR pilot who would like to work for Turkish Airlines. Where will the type rating training be conducted? How long will it take? 

Once you qualify, detailed information regarding the cost, duration, and the location of the training center will be provided to you. Turkish Airlines has a list of contracted TRTO’s, and it will determine as to which training center the NTR pilot will attend according to the centers availability.

Benefits Learn more

1. Does Turkish Airlines offer jump seat privileges and pass travel agreements for pilots’ families? If so, how many pass tickets/ any other types of tickets will a pilot receive annually? 

Jump seats are available for pilots and their families (children below the age of 25) and all they need to do is to fill out the jump seat form at the flight operations which can be obtained from the Flight Operations Department. Also two ID90 tickets a month are available for Pilots and their families. Children below 25 are also eligible for ID90 tickets. Moreover, there are unlimited ZED (Zonal Employee Discount) and CED (Company Employee Discount) tickets for Pilots and their families. 

2. Will the company provide accommodation if I am employed by Turkish Airlines? 

If so, how can I apply for it? Turkish Airlines provides accommodation to Wide Body Captains. They can choose to stay in a 5-star hotel inclusive of breakfast, or rent an apartment and receive a housing allowance of 2000 TL upon presenting their rental agreement. 

3. What are the general rules/requirements pertaining to upgrades of First Officers to Captaincy at Turkish Airlines? 

Here are the details in order for First Officers to be upgraded to the captain position: 

  • 4500 hours for First Officers with a university degree 
  • 6500 hours for First Officers with a high school diploma 

4. Does the company assist newcomers with relocation? 

No, the company is not in charge of Pilots’ relocation. 

Remuneration Learn more

1. What are the average salaries for first officers and captains for 80 hours of flight time a month? 

  • Wide Body Captains: Approx. 70,000 TL 
  • Narrow Body Captains: Approx. 59,000 TL 
  • First Officers: Approx. 36,000 TL 

2. How much income tax do I have to pay while working for Turkish Airlines? 

Only 5% tax is applied. 

3. What is the overtime pay policy for Pilots at Turkish Airlines? 

Any hours flown above 70 hours is regarded “overtime hour” and will be added to the total salary. 

4. How much will I get paid if I fly below the company minimum hours? 

For any hours flown less than the monthly minimum hours (70 hours) you will be paid for 70 hours.

Working Conditions Learn more

1. When will I receive my contract? 

You will receive your contract within one month following your employment. 

2. When is the pilots' duty schedules published? 

Pilots’ duty schedules are published on 28th of each month. 

3. Does Turkish Airlines provide shuttle services for Pilots to commute between home and airport? 

No. Turkish Airlines does not provide shuttle services for pilots; however, there is a partial fuel contribution for those who drive their own cars to the airport. 

4. What are the pilots schedules like? 

Captains and First Officers on wide body fleet have 8-10 days off a month depending on where they reside (including the travel/commuting time) Captains and First Officers on narrow body fleet have 8 days off a month which is not in a consecutive order. 

5. What happens if I change my mind and decide to leave the company at any time during the contract? 

If you decide to leave the company before one year, which is the minimum contracting time, you will have to pay for the training you have received. 

6. What are the monthly minimum flight hours? 

70 hours. 

7. How many days off a month are there for wide body captains? 

8-10 days depending on which country they live. 

8. What is the retirement age for Pilots at Turkish Airlines? 

Pilots retire at the age of 65 at Turkish Airlines. 

9. Is there any coordination center for expatriate Pilots at Turkish Airlines to seek advice and assistance? 

Yes, there is a unit called “Foreign Pilots Coordination Center” which operates under Flight Operations Department which provides assistance to all expat pilots. 

10. How long will it take to obtain work permit in Turkey? 

It takes about 4 weeks to get work permit for Turkish Airlines.

Living in Istanbul Learn more

1. Do I have to live near the airport? 

No, you don’t have to. However, in order not to waste your time in traffic jams especially during rush hours, it is recommended that you live in an area which is not too far from the airport 

2. Will it be difficult to get by in Istanbul if I don’t speak any Turkish? 

No. It won’t usually be so difficult to get by in Istanbul especially if you are in the downtown/business center; however, in some areas it might be a challenge. 

3. Is there an opportunity for foreign pilots to learn Turkish? 

Yes. There are some Turkish courses in the city for people who are interested in learning the Turkish language. 

4. What are the requirements to obtain Turkish citizenship? 

In order to be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship, one needs to work legally for at least 5 years in Turkey or be married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years..