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Frankfurt with one of the best panoramic silhouettes of Germany on one hand, Turkish capital Ankara on the other… Serving as one of the main spots of The Legendary Rhine-Romantic Route, Frankfurt has recently become a popular destination by its proximity to the lovely towns on the banks of the river, like Wiesbaden and Mainz which serve as two significant stops in the Route. Ankara, on the other hand, welcomes its guests with the elegancy of being an administrative hub and offers an enjoyable travel through time within the deep-rooted Anatolian history of thousands of years. Air traffic between these two cities is highly busy all year round, also with the impact of Turkish citizens residing in Germany. Book your flight now with Turkish Airlines for a journey from Frankfurt to Ankara and enjoy a relaxing flight..

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights from Frankfurt to Ankara on certain days of the week. Flights take off from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and land at the sole airport of Ankara, Esenboğa Airport (ESB) within nearly three hours and fifteen minutes.

Passengers wishing to increase their flight alternatives in this route may also consider the connecting flights over Istanbul Airport (IST) or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). The duration of the journey with a connecting flight varies by the layover at Istanbul and ranges from five to nine hours in average.

From: Frankfurt

Turkish Airlines Frankfurt Flights

Regarded also as “Green City” by the beautiful verdant parks around, Frankfurt is among the most popular European destinations offering the modern side of Germany. Make sure to visit during your visit to this pretty city of historical buildings and skyscrapers, the famous Römer building remaining from the Medieval Age. As a remarkable city icon, the building offers picturesque sceneries to be photographed. Frankfurt hosts two airports: Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN). Turkish Airlines flights from Frankfurt take off from Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

Transportation to Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

There are various transportation options for reaching Frankfurt Airport (FRA), including the railway, bus and airport shuttles. You may swiftly get to the airport via the bus numbered 62 departing from Schwanheim. It is also possible to reach the airport with the bus numbered 61 setting off from Frankfurt South Railway Station. Airport shuttles, on the other hand, serve from Darmstadt to the airport.

Another alternative would be the trains on S8 and S9 lines; serving from Wiesbaden and Hanau Hbf to the airport and vice versa, these trains easily get to Frankfurt Airport (FRA) in a very short time. Ostendstrasse, Frankfurt Hbf and Stadion are some stops on these two railway lines.Apart from the public transport, you may also get to the airport via the cabs serving 7/24 in the city.

Destination: Ankara

Turkish Airlines Ankara Flights

The capital of Türkiye, Ankara is visited by a great number of domestic and foreign tourists all year round both for cultural and business purposes. Ankara ranks among the must-see destinations in Türkiye with all its streets witnessing establishment of the Republic, Atatürk’s Mausoleum Anıtkabir, as well as the Swan Park, the city’s icon, and Anatolian Civilizations Museum. Have a look at the flights offered by Turkish Airlines to Ankara now and enjoy a privileged journey to discover this capital notable for its cats and goats as well.

Flights from Frankfurt to Ankara land at Esenboğa Airport (ESB), the sole airport serving in the city.

Transportation from Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) to the city center

There are a couple of different alternatives for reaching the city center from Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB). Cabs serving 7/24 provide a fast and comfortable transportation. Besides, passengers wishing to use public transport may easily reach the center via the municipal buses numbered 442. These buses set off from the airport and head towards AŞTİ (City’s Bus Terminal) in Kızılay route.

Airport shuttles are also among the frequently preferred transport means which operate between the airport and AŞTİ, following the route Özal Bulvarı and Sakıp Sabancı Bulvarı.

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