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5,000 gift Miles from Garenta!

Miles&Smiles members win 1.000 Miles each day they rent a car from Garenta and a maximum of 5.000 Miles per rental until December 31 2016. Do not miss the chance to rent with %15 discount in all car groups and Renault Fluence diesel-automatic for 115TL, only for Miles&Smiles members! 


  • This promotion is not valid for monthly rentals. 
  • The starting date for the rental must be between 11.01.2016 - 12.30.2016. 
  • The mile gains are limited to 1.000 Miles per day and a maximum of 5.000 miles per rental. 
  • The mile gains will be deposited in the Miles&Smiles membership account in an average of 30 days. 
  • They are are deposited only to the renter’s account. 
  • You need to submit your registered Miles&Smiles program card during the rental process. 
  • As per the successive rentals made from the same branch, miles can be deposited in the agreements made at least 1 week after another. 
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions. 
  • The general Garenta rental conditions apply. 

For further information, you can call 444 5 478 Garenta Reservation Center or send an e-mail to 4445478@garenta.com.tr

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