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Ghanaian cedi 28,83 million
New Year (January 01), Independence Day (March 06), Labor Day (May 01), African Unity Day (May 25), Republic Day (July 01), Farmer’s Day (December 02), Easter, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Situated in the Western Africa, the Republic of Ghana has been cited as “Gold Coast” for long years by its rich goldmines. Having been the colony of many countries over the years due to the same reason, Ghana has passed into history as the first African country to declare independence. Its geographical gems, agricultural lands and underground resources make the country one of the most significant destinations on its continent; whereas the rainforests, national parks, safari areas and fascinating beaches put Ghana forward as a highly popular touristic destination.

If you are also interested in discovering the utterly different sides of this impressive African country, take a look at the flights to Ghana offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a pleasant journey of high quality.

Flight Details

Ghana flight details

Flights to Ghana with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Kotoka International Airport (ACC) in the capital Accra within seven hours and thirty minutes in average.

As a typical tropical climate region, Ghana can be visited at all seasons. The duration of day and night is almost equal in Ghana, which is warm throughout four seasons. Locals knowing very well how to make use of both the day and night organize many festivals to honor their ancestors and the lands they live. The most known festival is the event called Willa where the locals express their gratitude to their ancestors in April 27 every year. Offering extremely colorful moments, this event is held with huge participation also from many people all over the world.

Bobum Festival, on the other hand, which is celebrated in April at Krobo Odumasa and Somanya towns in the north of the capital, is a rite of passage of womanhood. Witnessing such ritual and the celebrations of the women in the tribe are simply a distinctive experience. Moreover, Fatu-Afahye in September is another remarkable event where drum performances and various local dances color up the atmosphere. Hogbetsoto in October is another event where similarly the drums and dances play leading role.

Ghana also hosts events in a more international scale organized for bringing in tourists. Environment Film Festival is surely one of those events which take place in June where a wide range of movies from many genres are screened in open-air. Gathering together the fanciers of fishery and famous chefs, Bakatue Festival is another event taking place with international participants.

It would be best to follow the dates of these festivals and visit the country especially during this season to enjoy to the fullest your stay at Ghana. Moreover, it would be recommendable to plan your travel in advance, keeping in mind that Ghana is flooded by visitors during this vigorous festival season.

Attraction Points

Ghana sightseeing and attractions

As the capital and Ghana’s gate to the world, Accra is the pioneer countrywide in commerce, industry and culture. The city is also remarkable for its breathtaking beaches, the top popular of which is Le Pleasure. Flooded by thousands in the months of summer, the beach offers many activities as well; you may watch the performances along the seaside, drop by the restaurants to try the tastes of the local cuisine.

The top visited attraction in the city is the National Museum of Ghana. Exhibiting numerous archeological and ethnographic works, the museum would be the ideal choice to witness the country’s history and culture. In addition, the most significant historic artifact in Accra is the Osu Castle by its perfect location along the Gulf of Atlantic Ocean. Built by the Danish people during the 1600s, the castle is one of the most valuable stops in Ghana, as the icon of the capital.

Another important castle in the country is the Elmina Castle built by the Portugueses in 1482. Named after the city of Elmina it is located, this significant artifact is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Although many fortresses, castles and historical artifacts built by the colonial countries over the years rank among the top worth-seeing spots in Ghana, the most enthralling side of the country is its heavenly nature. The most popular natural marvel of Ghana is the Lake Bosumtwi. It is predicted that the lake has been formed as a result of a meteor fall and is more than one million years old. Located thirty minutes drive away from Kumasi city of Ashanti Region, Lake Bosumtwi is highly impressive by its area extending over 49 square kilometers.

Boti Falls located 1,5 hours from the capital Accra is another noteworthy attraction in the country. This twin waterfall known to represent woman and man ranks among the top fascinating waterfalls countrywide. Wli Waterfall, which is the highest fall not only in Ghana, but also in the entire Western Africa, together with the Kintampo Falls offering a splendid view by its triptych flow path are amongst the other worth-seeing natural beauties Gana is home to.

Moreover, Mole National Park which will exceedingly please the natural life fanciers, shines out as the largest and most visited national park in Ghana by its area of 4,840 square kilometers. As the living space of many species especially elephants, antelopes, pigs, alligators, lions and hyenas, this national park hosts a wide range of bird and reptilian species as well. Being rich in vegetation, Mole National Park welcomes a large number of safari lovers every year.

You may consider the option of car rental to see all the noteworthy historical artifacts and natural marvels in the country, so that you can set your own route and move freely during your stay at Ghana.

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