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Flights to Kenya

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Kenyan Shilling 38,27 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Madaraka Day (June 01), Moi Day (October 10), Heroes’ Day (October 20), National Day (December 12), Christmas (December 25), Easter, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Situated in East Africa along Lake Victoria and Indian Ocean, Kenya ranks among the top stunning destinations worldwide by its peerless wild nature as home to the big five of Africa; elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo, together with its lands having been a settlement for humankind for more than 4000 years. The country therefore is flooded by millions every year, as one of the favorite destinations of the travelers by its touristic infrastructure improving gradually each passing day.

Book your flights to Kenya with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey up in the clouds to this fascinating land of a unique culture with its well-preserved tribes, snowy mountains, splendid wildlife, crystal sands and dazzling corals and embark on a peaceful vacation within its magnificent nature far from the crowd.

Flight Details

Kenya flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two different destinations in Kenya: Nairobi and Mombasa. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) in the capital Nairobi take nearly six hours and forty minutes. In addition, flights to Moi International Airport (MBA) in Mombasa, remarkable for its splendid deep blue sea, take nearly seven hours.

Kenya is in high demand all the time by the extraordinary and attractive opportunities it offers to its guests. As a heartwarming alternative destination in the cold winter days by its tropical climate and hot temperature all seasons, Kenya is flooded by tourists all year round. The country’s popularity is not solely because of its warm weather and peerless nature. Events taking place all over Kenya are also extremely attention-grabbing.

East Africa Art Festival held at the capital Nairobi in March every year ranks among the top crowd-pulling events. Held with huge participation, the festival exhibits the best models of music, literature, theatre and handicrafts for three days.

The most remarkable festival of local culture, on the other hand, is the International Camel Race Festival. Organized regularly every year since 1990, festival takes place in August in the spaces close to the desert, as well as offering bicycle races and various entertainments; those interested may also rent a camel and enjoy touring in the desert. Nevertheless, the largest festival in Kenya is Mombasa Carnival celebrated on the shores of the Indian Ocean. A wide range of dancers and musicians from various tribes within the country join this carnival in November every year to perform their traditional shows. Mombasa Carnival would be the right choice for those wishing to observe the country’s colorful culture down to the last detail by its local cuisine and music.

Attraction Points

Kenya sightseeing and attractions

Named after the Nairobi River flowing through the city, Kenya’s capital Nairobi is visited by millions as the largest city in the country. Although there are many activities to do in Nairobi with its splendid museums, natural charms and historical artifacts, the first choice of the visitors is generally safari. The most ideal spot for safari is Nairobi National Park, which has been identified with Kenya. The park that is located right in the center of the city is unprecedented with its vegetation and the diversity of animals it is home to. The park hosting black rhinos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, African antelopes and various birds of more than 400 species, offers an outstanding experience for its guests.

Following your safari experience, you may spare some time for sightseeing in the city. The historical Jamia Mosque located on Banda Street, one of the most central spots in Nairobi, is simply worth-seeing by its glorious gate reflecting the Arabic-Islamic architecture style. Arousing interest by its twin minarets, the mosque is the most significant sanctuary of the Muslims in the capital.

The second largest city in Kenya is the port town Mombasa. Getting credit by its qualified hotels and splendid beaches, the city is regarded as the center of commerce and sea tourism countrywide. The underwater world in Mombasa is as charming as its coast line. Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve covering an area of 200 square kilometers offers an unforgettable opportunity for those planning to try scuba diving. Remarkable for its coral reefs, this park brings in numerous tourists interested in underwater world every year.

After enjoying the sun and sea in the breathtaking beaches of Mombasa, you may visit some must-see attractions in the city and start your tour from Fort Jesus Museum. The fort along the Indian Ocean is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Drawing interest by its sumptuous walls and its interior decoration full of frescos, Fort Jesus dates back to nearly 1593. Furthermore, you may visit the Spice Market to try the local spices and see some noteworthy artifacts on your way, including but not limited to the Holy Ghost Cathedral, Lord Shiva Temple or Mandhry Mosque.

It would be recommendable to visit also Malindi, another large coastal town, so as to enjoy fully the turquoise waters in Kenya. Famous for its beaches extending over nearly 150 kilometers on crystal sands and pretty palm trees, Malindi also hosts Malindi National Park as home to the coral reefs which are well-preserved with an utmost care. It is possible to reach fascinating Malindi with two hours drive from Mombasa. You may accordingly rent a car to set your own route for freely visiting the coasts of Kenya.

There are many options to be enthralled by the charm of nature in Kenya, which brings in millions of safari fanciers every year. This beautiful country offers many breathtaking national parks and reserves for those fond of nature and wildlife, including but not limited to Masai Mara National Park known for its large cats, East Tsavo National Park where you can see closer the “Africa’s Big Five”, and Nakuru Lake National Park as home to many wild bird species such as the African black eagle.

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