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Zorlu Energy

Switch to Zorlu Energy and fly!

Miles&Smiles members buying their electricity from Zorlu Energy now have the chance of earning thousands of Miles. Start buying your electricity from Zorlu Energy and don’t miss the chance.

How can I start buying electricity from Zorlu Energy?

Anyone who has an average monthly electricity bill of 67 TL and more or who consumes 1600 kWh annually has the right to change her/his electricity supplier, being a “free consumer”. You can change your supplier to Zorlu Energy if your monthly electricity bill is 67 TL or more and earn thousands of Miles.

All you need to do is call our call center at 0850 808 80 82 or write “THY” and send an SMS to 3172 to start buying your electricity from Zorlu Energy. You can switch easily after the instructions of our call center without the necessity of changing your meter. Your Miles will be credited on your account upon your commitment to stay for 24 months.

For the campaign:

Call 0850 808 80 82 or write THY and send an SMS to 3172!

How many Miles can I earn?

Depending on your monthly electricity bill, you can earn miles at amounts indicated in the table below for a single time.

Electricity Bill (TL/Months) Free Miles
65-500 TL 3.000 Miles

Terms and conditions

  • Users who committed to stay in the portfolio for 24 months will be awarded the amount of Miles in accordance with their consumption rate without any distinction. Pricing will be calculated according to TEDAŞ tariffs for 24 months.
  • Users need to share their membership number with Zorlu Energy and make a request to PMUM (Market Financial Settlement Center). Those who don’t have a membership number should get one and share it with Zorlu Energy. It will be impossible to credit miles and make a request to PMUM for users who don’t have a membership number.
  • Upon the approval of PMUM and once started buying electricity from Zorlu Energy, Miles will be credit to user accounts.
  • Free Miles can be traced on the online services section of Turkish Airlines web page. Usage and validity of miles will be as determined in Turkish Airlines’ Miles program.
  • In the event of leaving the portfolio before 24 months, the cost of bonus miles will be collected from the user at the unit price being 0,030 USD.
  • TEDAŞ tariff will apply within the framework of the campaign.
  • Free Miles cannot be returned. Users are liable to correctly create and share their membership number.
  • Zorlu Energry reserves the right to change campaign terms and conditions. For more information: