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What to eat at Rovaniemi?

Taste delicacies of the Lapland region, Rovaniemi. The main ingredients are used in these refreshing dishes per the season are fish and forest fruits. Try the local cuisine on the Husky and reindeer tours, at local restaurants made from ice. These ice-made restaurants are rebuilt each year during the winter so make sure to book in advance.

Here are the dishes we recommend you try in Rovaniemi:

1. Start the day with forest fruits

Forest fruits are a Rovanimei breakfast specialty. Prepare for a jam-packed day by indulging in cakes and jams made from blackberries, blueberries or raspberries. Drink forest fruit tea that will warm you up as you take a break from sledding down the snowy slopes.

2. Try the pea soup Hernekeitto with mustard

Hernekeitto, a type of pea soup, once ensured the wartime survival of Finnish soldiers. Hernekeitto, which is even tastier when mustard is added, is usually served on Thursdays.

3. Experience the Lapland Barbeque

On the reindeer and Husky sleigh tour, make sure to taste the fish and meat cooked on wood at the special Laponian barbeque.

4. Try the Salmon and Herring fish

Rovaniemi is home to a must-try Northern European herring and salmon dish. We recommend that you eat herring fish with onions and pickles. A hearty salmon soup will warm your bones during the winter.