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With its blue stone houses wrapped in white lime while having distinct blue doors and lush purple flowers, Bodrum is a highly preferred holiday destination during both summer and fall.
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Bodrum, one of Muğla’s districts, is the leading and most popular holiday destination in Turkey. Bodrum, which is famous for its azure and crystal clear sea, has a total of 65 blue flagged private or public beaches in 11 regions. We have selected the best Bodrum bays and Bodrum beaches for you.


Bitez is one of the most popular spots for swimming in Bodrum. The sea of Bitez is often calm, warm and clean. Bitez the water level of which is gradually deepening is preferred particularly by families with children. In this region, there are public beaches in addition to as well as private enterprises.


The most beautiful point to swim in Göltürkbükü with a blue flagged sea is Cennet Bay. This bay endowed with an azure and crystal clear sea is not very crowded especially in the high season due to being away from the center.


Akyarlar is one of the rare places where you can swim with fish in Bodrum. The sea is quite clear, shallow and calm unless the wind blows. Although there are enterprises in the majority of the region, there are also public beaches. Meteor Bay and Karaincir Bay can be preferred in this region.


Peksimet is another uninhabited and unknown place that will make you happy with its sea in Bodrum. In the region with clear and clean water, the sea water is quite warm. There is no place to meet your needs except for a few small businesses in this region offering free sunbeds.


The sea of Gümüşlük that is famous for its restaurants by the sea is both stony and sandy, and rough. The sea water is warm. You can go swimming in the appropriate places among the restaurants or on the public beach. You can visit the Tavşan Island and Eski Karakaya Village when visiting Gümüşlük.


Ortakent beach with blue flag consists entirely of sand. Seawater is often clear and warm in the region also called Ortakent Yahşi beach due to Yahşi Bay. The water level is ideal for those who do not know how to swim well and for families with children. The sea level is slowly deepening.


Torba is another blue flagged place with clean seawater. Even though the sea of Torba becomes slightly blurred in the evenings due to becoming rough from time to time, it is quite clear and clean on a non-windy day. The beach and the sea of Torba are completely sandy, the sea water temperature is warm, and the sea level is gradually deepening. You can enjoy other bays with boat tours departing from Torba.

Bardakçı Bay

Bardakçı Bay that is very close to the center of Bodrum has a sandy beach and calm water. Since the water is warm and the sea level is gradually deepening, you can swim here to the full.

Kargıcak Bay

Kargıcak Bay is one of unique, hidden and untouched spots in Bodrum accommodating the most pleasant sea in the region thanks to its natural beauty which is unknown to everyone. Kargıcak Bay, which resembles an aquarium, is cooler and saltier than other places. You cannot come across any enterprises in this uninhabited bay, so we advise you to bring food and drinks with you. Don't forget to take your diving goggles with you. Those who want to enjoy both nature and the sea to the full can set up a camp here.


The blue flagged sea of Yalıkavak, Bodrum is quite clean but very rough at the same time. The biggest reason why this place is preferred by many holidaymakers is opportunities provided by the restaurants and private beach facilities. For swimming in Yalıkavak, Arka Küdür Bay and Tilkicik Bay are preferable. When visiting here, you can also take a look at Yalıkavak Windmills. Furthermore, you can take the Windsurfing Training in Yalıkavak.

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