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Bozcaada in Çanakkale province is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey especially in recent years with its streets, houses having a bay windows, bays and unique flavors.
Fly to Bozcaada

Historical Bozcaada hostels and Bozcaada Hotels that have verandas and most of which are family-owned businesses offers various accommodation alternatives especially for guests coming to the island in July and August. We have compiled for you places to visit in Bozcaada and the Bozcaada beaches that gives a therapy effect to visitors thanks to its magnificent sunset and serenity.

Places to visit in Bozcaada

In addition to the old Greek neighborhoods surrounded by narrow streets full of the houses with bay windows, Places visit see in Bozcaada are as follows: Bozcaada Castle, Bozcaada Museum, art galleries, Bozcaada Polente Lighthouse to watch the sunset, Wind Roses and Göztepe, Bozcaada Ayazma Monastery and Bozcaada Church of the Virgin Mary. When you come to Bozcaada, don't forget to buy tomato, fig and poppy jams and Tenedos cookie from the little shops located on the streets of the island.

Where is Bozcaada?

Bozcaada that is a district of island in Çanakkale province of the Marmara Region is Turkey's third largest island. Transportation to Bozcaada is provided by plane to Çanakkale and then by Bozcaada ferries from Geyikli that is the only land connection. Geyikli-Bozcaada tours may be crowded especially in summer months since due to the increasing number of tourists coming to the island.

Ayazma Beach

Of the Bozcaada beaches, the most popular one is Ayazma Beach. We can say that sea is usually cold in Bozcaada, but the sea is slightly colder here than elsewhere. Especially in the summer months, we recommend that you go to this beach in the early hours. There are several restaurants and buffets on the beach where you can meet your needs. You can go to Ayazma Beach with minibuses or your own car.

Akvaryum Bay

The second largest and most important beach of Bozcaada is located at Akvaryum Bay. Remember to bring your diving equipment with you for this bay where you can find an opportunity to swim with fish. You can travel to the Aquarium Bay by minibuses departing from the center your own passenger cars.

Beylik Bay

Beylik Bay between Ayazma Beach and Aquarium Dark is a place where is scarcely preferred by many people due to the lack of any facilities, so that will make people who are looking for silence and calm. Beylik Bay is ideal for people who are willing to camp at Bozcaada.

Çayır Bay

Çayır Bay located in the north of the island is within the walking distance to the center of island. Çayır Beach is one preferred especially by the island residents and windsurfers.

Poyraz Harbor Bay

Poyraz Harbor, the closest to the center of Bozcaada, is enjoyable especially in southwester time. This bay also has the warmest sea of Bozcaada.

Tekirbahçe Bay

There are many hotels in Tekirbahçe Bay, which is considered to be the tourism center of Bozcaada. You can enjoy the sea using the sunbeds and umbrellas in the Bozcaada resorts here.

You can purchase a Çanakkale flight ticket for a few days of Bozcaada holiday filled with gourmet delights and serene moments in silent beaches.