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One of the foremost destinations that come to mind when mentioning holiday in Turkey, Çeşme is an outright holiday spot all by itself with its azure waters, enchanting beaches and bays.
Fly to Çeşme

We have listed the swimming places in Çeşme, especially preferred during the summer months for you. Çeşme does not only offer spectacular views but promises lively times with its bays suitable for water sports as well. If you are a diving or windsurfing enthusiast, you must absolutely take your equipment with you when travelling to Çeşme.


Ilıca where is one of the most popular locations in Çeşme is a favorite destination for holiday-makers through its clear sea, completely sandy beaches and sea water quality. In this region where the private enterprises are located, especially Ilıca public beach is one of the most favorite places in Çeşme during the spring and autumn months as well as the summer months. Don't forget to taste İzmir's famous Kumru sandwich and sea-smelling stuffed mussels when you visit Ilıca.

Aya Yorgi

Aya Yorgi, the most popular bay of Çeşme, is located in the close vicinity of Alaçatı that is the most favorite holiday center of İzmir. People who are willing to spend their holiday in Alaçatı usually prefers this bay Sea in Aya Yorgi bay is calm and a bit cold. In addition to its beautiful sea, the greatest feature of this bay is to host many famous enterprises. At Aya Yorgi, you can enjoy every hour of the day with different alternatives.


One of the most peaceful locations in Çeşme, Ildırı is a place where you can enjoy the clean and calm sea to the full and also live the classic town life. Do not go back your home without watching the sunset in Ildırı.

Delikli Bay

Delikli Bay has a quieter nature than other Çeşme beaches. The sea covered with pebble stones is crystal clear but a bit cold. The sea level could rise at a time. Therefore, it may not be very suitable for families with children.

Çark Beach

Çark Beach, which accommodates a crystal clear and clean sea, is a favorite place of holiday makers with its completely sandy beach and warm water. Due to the shallow depth of sea, it is preferred by people who do not know how to swim well and families with children. You can find surf schools near the Çark Beach and take surf trainings in the bay. If you already know how to surf, this is the place for you.

Eşek Island - Mavi Bay

Located in a wind shadow, the Eşek Island is especially suitable for water sports. In the island, the coast and the sea are covered with pebbles, and the sea water is quite clear and clean. The sea with cool a cool and deep nature deeply influences those who are particularly diving sports fans. Mavi Bay, right next to the Eşek Island, is known by many people as the Akvaryum Bay. This beautiful bay that deserves its name should be included in the list of those who want to explore the underwater world.

Altın Kum

Altın Kum Beach, named after the golden sand, is ideal for those who are willing to take a quiet holiday. With its slowly deepening sea and cold water, it may be the motive to prefer for sweltering people especially in the summer months.


Çiftlikköy, a quiet and calm region, has a calm and clear sea although it is quite windy. In the location with a sandy coast and beach, the sea level is usually shallow and not deep through its entire region.

Dalyan Kocakarı Beach

The sea is azure, glassy and slightly cold at the Kocakarı Beach in Dalyan location. The water level is shallow, while the sea floor has a sandy and stony ground in places. This beach, which is not yet known by most people, is capable of meeting the expectations of those who prefer a calm sea pleasure.


Boyalık, which you can enjoy swimming with sea horses when you coincide with fishes and especially during the spawning periods, has a beach that will make you happy with its turquoise color and fine sand layer. Boyalık sea, which is quite shallow in depth, is very suitable for families with children.


The biggest feature that separates İztuzu, which is one of the unique beaches in the world, from the other places is that it is surrounded by fresh water on one side and salt water on the other side. İztuzu, which is also a living space for the Caretta carettas, is also a popular destination for the boats that organize swimming tours.


Even though it is a bit far from the Çeşme town center, Sığacık is one of the must-see places for those who have some time to go there. After you see Akkum, Akarca and Sığacık Beach, you will see that it is worth the road travelled. If you prefer a deep blue and very clear sea with snow-white sand, Sığacık beaches are just for you.

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