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Kuşadası is one of the most preferred holiday resorts especially in Aegean region through its considerable historical monuments at its elbow and blue sea.
Fly to Kuşadası

Since Kuşadası is one of the first tourism centers in Turkey, hotels in Kuşadası provide services based on all-inclusive holiday system. Therefore, we have listed Kuşadası beaches and the places to visit in Kuşadası which is especially preferred by families with children during summer months for you.

Places to visit in Kuşadası

The most important places to visit in Kuşadası include Ephesus, Güvercinada Castle, Mother Mary’s House, Kadıkalesi, Davutlar region, Yılancı Foreland, Kirazlı Village, Şirince Village. The port area is very crowded especially together with foreign tourists visiting the town by cruise ships in Kuşadası where is one of the important coastal towns in Turkey. When visiting Kuşadası, do not go back home without tasting the flavors of Aydın region. In particular, buttermilk pastry, meat filled dumplings boiled in stock, saffron and rice dessert, fig pudding, pelvize dessert must absolutely be tasted.

Where is Kuşadası?

Kuşadası which is located in Aydın, Turkey and has a coast in the Aegean Sea is away from 552km to İstanbul, 90 km to İzmir, and 157 km to Bodrum and Çeşme. İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport must be used to go to Kuşadası by plane. You can take shuttle buses from the airport that is approximately 65 km away from the town and you can rent a car from the airport.

Kadınlar Sea

Kadınlar Sea (Beach), the most famous in Kuşadası is very close to the center. On this spot where hotels are also available thanks to its blue sea and sandy beach, the places out of the private locations can be used with paid sunbed and parasols.

National Park Beaches

You can go swimming in İçmeler, Aydınlık, Kavaklıburun and Karasu bays that are located withing the boundaries of the National Park. All these bays have a quite clear and clean sea. The sea and the beaches in the bays are full of rounded stones. There are small establishments that you can meet your needs in these places where you will pay an entrance fee since it is a National Parks.

Sevgi Beach

We can say that it is the longest beach of Kuşadası with its 12-km beach. It is worth noting that it is crowded because it is a beach which is preferred by the residents of Kuşadası especially at weekends.

Boat Tour

Kuşadası boat tours that a great deal of interest is shown particularly by the foreign tourists is most organized to the bays within the boundaries of the National Park also known as Dilek Peninsula. Due to the increase in the number of tourists arriving at the town in the summer months, we recommend you to book in advance for these boat tours.

You can purchase an İzmir flight ticket for a wonderful holiday with your family in Kuşadası, one of the most beautiful destinations of the Aegean.