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The second largest district of Muğla after Bodrum, Marmaris is a paradise wrapped in the infinite turquoise seas of the Mediterranean and the scent of Aegean citrus and olive.
Fly to Marmaris

With its sea showing up as a combination of navy blue, turquoise and blue, and untouched bays, Marmaris is one of Turkey's most preferred holiday destinations. We have listed for you the Marmaris bays where you would like to come together right now.

Places to visit in Marmaris

Marmaris Castle and Marmaris Museum is the most important of the places to visit in Marmaris and when we say Marmaris the first things that comes to our mind are Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum, Amos Antique City. The Baca Cave, which must absolutely be seen in Marmaris, is also one of the most important diving spots for water sports enthusiasts in addition to the bays of Marmaris. If you are also diving enthusiast, do not forget to take your equipment with you when you going to Marmaris.

Where is Marmaris

Located at the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Marmaris is one hour away from the center of Muğla. Dalaman Airport, which is one hour away, should be preferred to travel to Marmaris by plane. Dalaman-Marmaris distance you should go after your flight is 90 kilometers and it takes an average of 1.5 hours by car. While the distance from Istanbul to Marmaris is nearly 830 kilometers by road, this distance approximately brings about a 12-hour journey.


Kumlubük is one of the bays some of which you can visit with your own transportation means and that is able to be traveled by the boat tours from Marmaris. If you dream of having calm and quite hours, this bay is just for you. This bay accommodates some Marmaris hotels and private establishments. Kumlubük is especially famous for its fish restaurants.


With its virgin nature, crystal clear sea and very clean air, Bozburun is ideal for those who want to get away from the city chaos. You can travel to Bozburun with your car or through Marmaris boat tours. Do not go back home without discovering the bays such as Serçe Port, Üç Taş, Akvaryum, Bozukkale and Direkbükü. Bozburun is also very suitable for underwater world enthusiasts.


Due to the proximity of Marmaris and the increased number of accommodation facilities, İçmeler has the most crowded beach among Marmaris bays. You can take a Marmaris boat tour from İçmeler.


Turunç is a village surrounded by high hills and encrusted with pine trees, which is located in the Bozburun peninsula of Marmaris. You can do trekking, take safari tours and take diving courses other than swimming in Turunç that is one of the indispensable destinations of the route of Marmaris boat tours.


Bördübet is another bay hidden among pine trees. Since it is the specially protected environmental area, there is no accommodation facility in the region. In Bördübet, you can take a canoe tour, walk around the forest and ride a bike as well as swimming.

Cleopatra Beach (Sedir Island)

You can see the historical monuments of the Hellenistic and Roman periods in Cleopatra Island that is famous for its golden yellow sand and turquoise sea.


As it can be understood from its name, İncekum attracts attention with its beach covered with very thin sands and azure sea. It is a bit difficult to reach İncekum, which is located across the Cleopatra Beach (Sedir Island), but it meets your expectations.

Çiftlik Bay

This is a place where you can not only visit for swimming pleasure, but also taste delicious foods at the surrounding restaurants. Çiftlik Bay, famous for its coarse-grained sands, is one of the popular destinations of daily boat tours.

Söğüt Village

You can arrive at Söğüt Village in 2 hours by passing through Hisarönü, Orhaniye, Selimiye and Bozburun. Söğüt is full of restaurants that have proven their quality especially in seafoods. When you visit Söğüt, do not return your home without purchasing goat’s cheese and eating Turkish herby pancake in Taşlıca Village located at a distance of 8 km to Söğüt. Also remember to take a walk on a route covering Söğüt, Taşlıca, Kırkkuyular and Serçe Bay in Söğüt.

Selimiye Köyü / Hisarönü

Selimiye, the must-see spot of the blue voyage travels, is one of the most favorite bays in the Hisarönü Gulf where is the breakout star in the recent years. Selimiye also draws attention with its food & beverage venues. You can take the Selimiye boat tours made on two different routes. Joining these tours, you can see on Kamelya Island, Aşk Island, Bencik Bay, and Tavşan Island.

Cennet Bay

Cennet Bay is the option of people who are looking for somewhere off the beaten path and in touch with nature. Due to being not all-too familiar, we can easily say that the Cennet Bay is calmer than the other bays.

Orhaniye / Kızkumu

Kızkumu manages to draw the attention of domestic and foreign tourists especially with its walkable zone in sea. Since it is heavily demanded especially in the summer months, it is more crowded than other regions.

You can purchase a Dalaman flight ticket to enjoy the bays of Marmaris intertwined in nature where blue and green come together.