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12 campsites close to Istanbul

If you want to explore nature and not stray too far from Istanbul, we recommend camping! We have compiled a list of easy-to-reach campsites in Istanbul and around Istanbul. All you need to bring is a backpack and tent. You don’t need to live in Istanbul, just a camping lover! Prepare your camping equipment and book a flight to Istanbul. Then rent a car, reach your camping destination and revel in nature.

Uçmakdere campsite

You can reach Uçmakdere, which is linked to Sarköy, Tekirdağ, from Istanbul in approximately 3 hours. You can set up camp under the historic plane trees in this campsite which is located on the seashore. You can find toilets and showers in private establishments. It is always nice to add a little adventure to a quiet, calm camping holiday and Uçmakdere is a well-known location for paragliding.

Çilingoz campsite

Çilingoz Tabiat Park (Çilingoz Nature Park) is a popular camping spot, located in Çatalca, not too far from Istanbul. At this private site, that requires an entrance fee, there are forests and a beach. The beach is 85 km long, but due to rapids it is not considered a safe place to swim. There are toilets, showers and food and drink facilites on site. In addition, you can pick up any extra provisions on the way from Yalıköy. Trek in the park amongst the beech, hornbeam and rambutan trees.

Yedigöller campsite

Yedigöller is approximately 3 hours away from Istanbul, and a sight of nature to behold during the autumn. There are 7 different lakes that you can up camp near in the Yedigöller National Park. There are only toilets situated near the campsites, no restaurants or food stands.

Yenice Ormanları campsite

The Yenice Ormanları (Yenice Forests) situated in Karabük, within the Yenice region, is approximately 2.5 hours away from Istanbul. Some campsites at Yenice Ormanları are Şekermeşe, Sorgun Yaylası, Kent Ormanı and Eğriova Göleti. There are drinking water sources that you will encounter on the road before you reach the camping sites. Due to the natural formations of the terrain at Yenice Ormanları camps, it a great location for nature sports, such as mountaineering, rock climbing and rafting.

Kıyıköy campsite

Kıyıköy, linked to Kırklareli, is approximately 2 hours from Istanbul. Summer is the ideal season for you to set up camp on the seashore at Kıyıköy. You can find establishments that will meet all your camping needs at the private campsites of Kıyıköy.

Pürenli Yaylası campsite

You can reach Pürenli Yaylası (Pürenli Plateau), located in Düzce, within the Gölyaka region, from Istanbul, in approximately 3 hours. Pürenli Yaylası, with its vibrant natural scenery, is a favorite camping spot for youths. There are no private camps at this plateau, where you can drink water from water springs. Since there are no settlements near the Pürenli Yaylası, it is better to stock up on supplies on your way.

Kerpe campsite

Kerpe, linked to Kocaeli is approximately 2.5 hours away from Istanbul and one of the most popular campsites near Istanbul. At Kerpe, Kumcağız Beach is an ideal place to set up camp. There are also private campsites in this area. Here you can find all you need for your camping trip, including tents that you can rent.

Silivri Semizkumlar campsite

Semizkumlar, home to one of Turkey’s biggest camping sites, is approximately 1.5 hours away from Istanbul You can set up camp buy the sea and purchase supplies from the surrounding supermarkets. In certain private campsites in Semizkumlar, you can camp in a tent, caravan or bungalow.

Ballıkayalar Tabiat Parkı campsite

Camping at Gebze Ballıkayalar Tabiat Park is suitable for all seasons and only 1 hour away from Istanbul. There are toilets and water sources available for campers, but no electricity. It should also be mentioned that this is not a suitable campsite for infant campers.

İğneada Longoz Ormanları campsite

Sea, lake and forest… Camping at İğneada Longoz Ormanları (İğneada Longoz Forests) is one of a kind. Marvel at the natural, unique wonder of İğneada Longoz Ormanları, where the lake meets the sea. There are small establishments and supermarkets near the forest. Watch out for mosquitoes when camping near the sea and don’t forget to pack mosquito spray.

Sakarya Poyrazlar Gölü campsite

You can reach Poyrazlar Gölü (Poyrazlar Lake) in approximately 2.5 hours and there are plenty of suitable camping areas available. Poyrazlar Gölü is suitable for infants. We recommend that you stock up on supplies on your way.

Şile Sahilköy campsite

Approximately 15 km from the Şile city center, Sahilköy, is 1.5 hours away from Istanbul. There are also private camp sites in Sahilköy, which has a forest on one side and a seashore on the other. There are supermarkets and cafes near the campsites.

Kilyos campsite

Those seeking a quiet, peaceful holiday within Istanbul, often camp at Kilyos. During the summer months, you can set up camp and watch the stars. You can stock up on supplies at establishments and supermarkets at the Kilyos city center.