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Nicosia at a glance

Nicosia, the largest city of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is a significant economic, cultural and commercial center that has been home to numerous civilizations over the centuries. The traces of this deeply rooted history are evident in the city’s numerous historical structures and artifacts. Additionally, Nicosia is also renowned for its nightlife.

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Spring and fall are the best times to visit Nicosia if you're interested in learning more the area’s historical heritage and unique characteristics. The island has a generally mild climate, but high summer temperatures can make travel challenging.

Nicosia provides a memorable experience in terms of tourist attractions, history, entertainment and shopping. Additionally, its proximity to holiday resorts in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus draws tourists. When planning a trip to Nicosia, you can prioritize historical sites and then allocate time for entertainment, as well as day-trip destinations and, of course, shopping. In addition, we recommend visiting interesting museums to learn about the city's culture and way of life.

You can begin an exploration of Nicosia from the Great Inn in the middle of the city center. The inn, which is the oldest historical structure in the region, is a significant Ottoman-era artifact. In addition; the Venetian Column, the Kyrenia Gate, the Bedesten-St. Nicholas Church, the Mevlevi Lodge Museum, the Kumarcılar Inn, the Arap Ahmet District, the Derwish Pasha Mansion, Selimiye Mosque, the Cyprus Car Museum and Lusignan House, all of which are centrally located, are must-visit sites. You can also explore daily routes.

Other Nicosia sites include Salamis Ancient City, Kyrenia Castle, Karaoğlanoğlu Martyrdom and Alagadi Turtle Beach. The stunning views of Kyrenia Castle offer splendid photo opportunities.

If your travel also focuses on local cuisine, you’ll find Nicosia quite rewarding. Primarily reflecting the characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine, Nicosia’s gastronomic bounty includes specialties such as peach kebab, halloumi cheese, piruhi ravioli, pilavuna and nor cheese pastry, along with a wide selection of fresh seafood.

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Are you ready to take the first step in discovering Nicosia's splendor? Looking at the fares for flights to Nicosia is a great way to start planning a trip to this distinctive capital city. Turkish Airlines operates flights to Nicosia’s New Ercan Airport from Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. On average, flights to Nicosia take about 90 minutes.

About New Ercan Airport

New Ercan Airport, the largest airport in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was built firstly by the British for military purposes during the Second World War. In remembrance of Major Fehmi Ercan, who died during the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, the airport's name was changed from Tymvou to Ercan Airport. The renovated airport is capable of accommodating 10 million passengers annually. Constructed on an area of 7,800,000,000 square meters, the airport is 23 kilometers from Nicosia and 29 kilometers from Famagusta.

Nicosia is known for:

Seaside Entertainment and Shopping

Quick information

Kyrenia (27 km)
Lefke (60 km)
Famagusta (70 km)
Turkish Lira (TRY)



GMT +2



Average Temperature

10 °C
10.6 °C
12.8 °C
16.7 °C
22.2 °C
25.6 °C
28.3 °C
28.3 °C
25.6 °C
21.1 °C
16.7 °C
12.2 °C

Nicosia – New Ercan Airport transportation information


New Ercan Airport is around 23 kilometers from the Nicosia city center. Shuttles and public buses operate between the airport and the city center. The KIBHAS buses are the most convenient mode of transportation to Nicosia however the shuttle services, while more expensive, can be faster than the buses.

Average time from airport: -

Distance from airport: 23 km


Taxis at the airport are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The drive from the airport to the city center takes approximately 50 minutes.

Average taxi price: -


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Frequently asked questions about Nicosia flights

How do I get to Nicosia? Learn more

You can reach Nicosia via Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, with the arrival point being New Ercan Airport.

When is the best time to visit Nicosia? Learn more

Nicosia has a generally mild climate and is pleasant throughout the year. However, you can avoid the high temperatures of summer by traveling during the spring and autumn.

How long is the flight to Nicosia? Learn more

Flights on Turkish Airlines to Nicosia take around 90 minutes.