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Pursuant to the Circular of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior, flight acceptance requirements for Turkish domestic flights have changed as of September 6, 2021. Passengers who are not fully vaccinated or immunized may visit our Terms and Conditions page for PCR test requirements.

Latest requirements for travelling to China with Turkish Airlines 

1- With effect from 17 August 2021, all passengers travelling to China on TK 72 İstanbul-Guangzhou flight should follow the below additional testing measures before check-in: 

a) All passengers travelling to China are required to conduct an extra nucleic acid PCR test on each Tuesday, between 11:00-14:30 in the test center which is designated by Turkish Airlines. (Please note: All passengers are required to complete the ‘’double test –HS code and HDC QR code’’according to the requirements of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Turkey before this) 

b) Nucleic acid PCR testing will be carried out at designated testing center at İstanbul IGA Airport (TRG Uluslararası Sağlik Hizmetleri) 

c) All passenger to China should inform the testing agency of the flight information to China to ensure that the testing physician issues a test report with flight details (Example:17 Aug TK72 İstanbul-Guangzhou flight). Passengers are required to present the test report at check-in counter, passengers with positive test results will not be allowed to board. 

2- Please note that current testing requirements and approving procedure by Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Turkey for passengers to China remain the same.

Dear Passengers, 

We recommend that you review our important announcements page for developments related to domestic and international travel due to COVID-19, including flights suspended between countries and similar information. Please see our travel requirements pages for information regarding the rules applicable to arrival in Turkey and country-specific travel restrictions.

İn order to reduce cross-border transmission of COVID-19 ,starting from 7,November 2020,All Chinese and foreign passengers who are to fly from Turkey to China will be required to take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests and then apply from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Turkey for a green health code with the ‘’HS’’ mark or green health declaration code with the ‘‘HDC’’ mark before boarding the flight. 

Please click below link for more specific details:

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