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RFID Baggage Card

The RFID Baggage Card helps to solve any problems you might experience with your baggage while traveling and enables you to track the movement of your baggage at certain points as well. 

When your card is placed in you baggage, it will be sensed by readers located at certain points and it will allow sending instant notifications to our related departments. In this way, we can offer you effective and fast solutions in case of problems. 

In addition, after the completion of our necessary infrastructure works, you will be notified by SMS when your luggage arrives at the baggage delivery area on your arrival at Istanbul Airport. Thus, you will not have to wait until your luggage reaches the delivery area and you will be able to meet your other needs during that time.

The RFID Baggage Card uses the RFID technology meaning “Radio-Frequency Identification”. The RFID technology provided by Turkish Airlines is available at certain airports. 

How is it used? 

As the RFID Baggage Card is integrated to your Miles&Smiles membership, your personal information is not saved to the card. We get in touch with you using the contact information given on your Miles&Smiles account. 

By following the four steps below, you can start using your Baggage Card easily. 

  1. Register your card. 
  2. Place your card into your baggage. 
  3. You will be notified with an SMS when your baggage arrives to the delivery area. 
  4. When our ongoing work is completed, you will be notified by SMS on your arrival at Istanbul Airport before your luggage reaches the delivery area.

1. Registering the baggage card 

To use your Baggage Card, you need to register it to the system first. After you register your card, the system will be able to recognize it. 

You can register your card easily. 

  • Log in to your Miles&Smiles account. 
  • Visit the "Personal Information" page. 
  • Go to the “Baggage Card” section and select the "Add another baggage card" option. 
  • Enter the 11-digit code printed on the card to the related section and save it. 

You'll see the Baggage Cards you have added as listed on the same page. Ensure that your Miles&Smiles information is up to date and in proper format. If any problems occur with your baggage, this contact information will be used to get in touch with you. 

2. Placing the Baggage Card in baggage 

After registering your RFID Baggage Card, place it into the pocket of your baggage and make sure it is in there during you travel. 

You only need one Baggage Card in your baggage. Place your Baggage Card away from electronic devices and any food products. 

3. Problem with your baggage 

If you experience a problem with your baggage, make sure to inform the related personnel at the airport that you have a Turkish Airlines RFID Baggage Card placed in your baggage. Your Baggage Card will be activated to help solving your problem quickly. After tracking the location of your baggage, you will be contacted via your Miles&Smiles membership information.

In the event you experience a problem with your baggage, visit our webpage to register and follow up the problem.
Make sure to register your card and update your Miles&Smiles membership information if you wish to be notified by an SMS when your baggage is delivered to the conveyor belt and to be provided with a quick solution in case of problems.