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Happy Mother’s Day!

A day to show how much we love our mothers

Delight your mother, who loves you more than anything, on today of all days: Mother’s Day! We’ll always be the babe they held in their arms in their eyes. They think of us every moment and do everything they can to make us happy. And we love them just as much for the care they show us. On this special day, we get the opportunity to show them once again how much they mean to us.

History of Mother’s Day

There have been many celebrations throughout the history of society very similar to what we now call Mother’s Day. In ancient Anatolia, ceremonies were organized in the springtime for Cybele, the mother goddess in Anatolian mythology. Britain has a centuries-old tradition of “Mothering Sunday”, wherein people would visit their mothers before Easter and give them gifts. Julia Ward Howe was the first person to suggest an official celebration for Mother’s Day in 1872. Mother's Day transformed into an official celebration thanks to the efforts of an American woman named Anna Jarvis.

Mother's Day becoming an official celebration

Mother’s Day, which we are celebrating today, emerged as a result of the love that Anna Jarvis had for her mother, and it was celebrated for the first time by Jarvis in 1908. Anna Jarvis commemorated her mother in the following years after her passing away and hosted her friends on the anniversary of her mother’s death, suggesting that one day of the year be given to mothers. Her friends liked this idea and submitted a proposal to the mayor. Newspaper caught wind of it and the idea grew. In 1911, three years after the holiday had spread all over America, Mother’s Day was adopted by the US Congress as an official day of celebration.

The Celebration of Mother’s Day in Turkey

In Turkey, Mother’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1955, largely due to the efforts of the Turkish Women’s Union. For the first Mother’s Day in Turkey, Nene Hatun, a heroine of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78, was selected as the mother of the year. Today, this special day dedicated to our mothers continues to be celebrated nation-wide. Children recite Mother's Day poems in schools, and Mother's Day events are organized all around the country.

When is Mother's Day?

Every year, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This year it falls on Sunday, May 10th. People all over the world buy gifts for their mothers on this special day. But the best gift of all is to give your mother a big hug right from the heart. Fortunately, only one flight ticket is enough to overcome the distances.