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Pursuant to the Circular of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior, as of September 6, 2021, the requirement of a negative result of PCR test, the sample of which has been taken within 48 hours prior to the flight date, shall be sought in our domestic flights for our passengers aged 18 and over whether a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or not, who have not been vaccinated or have not had the COVID-19 disease. There is no obligation of test for our passengers whose COVID-19 vaccination has been completed or who have had the disease within the period accepted to be immunised by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health. The checking of the eligibility of vaccination, immunity status and PCR results for the flight shall be made via the HES code. In order for your eligibility for admission to board the flight to be able to be inquired via the HES code, you must give confirmation for sharing via the application of "Hayat Eve Sığar" (Life Fits into Home). For further information, you may visit our page Terms and Conditions.

Dear passengers, 

  • Our passengers aged 12 and over who will travel to Germany are obliged to submit PCR test reports with negative results or COVID-19 vaccine certificates or documents proving that they have contracted and recovered from COVID-19 disease before the flight. Please click for further information. 
  • Our passengers who have been to one of the destinations that has been determined as HIGH-RISK AREA and VARIANTS OF CONCERN by Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany within the last 10 days and who will travel to Germany are additionally required to fill in this online form
  • The Online Form register is required to be issued for the passengers of all ages including the children under age 12. 
  • You can access any information required to be considered at entry to Germany within the scope of the measures for COVID-19 via the document "Coronavirus regulations" and via the websites of the Ministry of Interior of Germany, Ministry of Health of Germany and the federal states.

Dear Passengers, 

We recommend that you review our important announcements page for developments related to domestic and international travel due to COVID-19, including flights suspended between countries and similar information. Please see our travel requirements pages for information regarding the rules applicable to arrival in Turkey and country-specific travel restrictions.

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