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Rent a driver per hour for your own car

Alfred; your driver per hour is just a call away.

Alfred provides professional drivers on hourly basis for your own car to comfort your life. You can use the service 7 days 24 hour by booking a driver through the call center 0212 346 20 46.

  • How to use?

All you need to do is to call Alfred’s call center 0212 346 20 46

When to call an Alfred?

  1. When you don’t want to drive
    • For departures and arrivals at the airport.
    • Going back home after a dinner out side.
    • To avoid traffic while going to work and back home
  2. While going to a meeting during the day where there are parking problems.
  3. Because your car is unfunctional while you are at work.
    • Can pick up your guests from the airport
    • Provides transportation to your entire family
    • Can take care of all the errands for you
  4. When your car has some requirements
    • For taking your car to legally required inspection services
    • For winter/summer tyre changes
    • For taking your car for regular maintenance service
  • Pricing

One hour service is 120 TL with a special discount of %20 for Miles & Smiles members

One time additional fee of 50 TL is charged for the services after midnight.

For car inspection, Maintenance and tire change services price is 220 TL with a special discount of %20 for Miles & Smiles members