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Male passenger delivering sports equipment at THY istanbul airport check-in counter

Sports equipment

Our passengers can now enjoy exclusive services – and a comfortable and hassle-free flight with their sports equipment. We ensure that your sports gear gets to your destination for a reasonable price, and we even provide free carriage for the first set of equipment for many sports, including skiing and golf, on the first international flight.

What you should know

  • Sports equipment are only accepted as checked baggage and carried in aircraft hold. Special fees are not applied for equipment not included to the sports equipment list, and this equipment is considered as checked baggage. 
  • Sports equipment which exceeds 32 kg must be split across two pieces of baggage, and each piece will be charged separately. 
  • You should inform the related personnel about the size of your sports equipment during reservation. Please note that this equipment should be carried in its special case packaged in a way to prevent damage and should not be loaded to the baggage belt during check-in. 
  • On journeys with a stopover, such as Maldives-Colombo or Kilimanjaro-Mombasa, a fee of 30 euro will be charged for all sports equipment included in the table.